Art 1 – Due Nov 5 – Rosenquist/week 1






****Post  detailed and thoughtful comments and discuss:

the relevance of Pop art to contemporary life,

responses to Rosenquist as an artist,

and considerations about whether or not Pop art is “old fashioned” or irrelevant since it is 50 years old.

In your sketchbook, do a one hour pop art style drawing. Keep track of your time on the back.


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  1. Pop art reflects the simple and every day of life and it, like every other art trend, changed art as a whole, at least a little bit, and therefor it is relevant to contemporary life. I think that yes, pop art is old fashioned. The pop art movement happened a long time ago and therefor it, along with text based operating systems, film cameras, record players, and other ancient artifacts from the sixties are old fashioned by definition. Does that make it irrelevant, no. Just because something is old doesn’t mean it is irrelevant. Even if there are no more ancient Romans, that doesn’t mean that there achievements and there impact on history are negated.

  2. I think pop art is important to contemporary life because it is more playful rather than a more technical serious type of art. We can relate to the things than are being drawn because we see what life was like in the fifties and sixties. I think pop art is still relevant because today we can critique thinks in popular culture the same way pop artists did. Also pop art is very visually appealing and a great way to compare our lives to the lives of the pop artists.

  3. Pop art is really settled in lots of parts of life, it appears in magazines, on the walls of buildings, as covers of a CD-disk… I don’t think pop art is an old fashion because it is important and widely spread into daily life. For example, pop art relates to pop music and changes with it all the time. We read newspaper and magazine and look through all kinds of pop art. It is something that moves with temporary culture. I think Rosenquist is a cool artist, he seems not be punctilious in daily life. He does the pop art on the streets, subway through his life. When Rosenquist is drawing, he just works, works and never stops.

  4. Pop art is completely relevant to contemporary life, because it came about partially as a way to convey messages, beliefs, news, advertisements, ideas, etc. Rosenquist is a very influential artist because he sticks to his own ways and does not let others tell him how and what to make his art. He is a hard worker and keeps with his art through thick and thin, he always keeps going. Pop art may be fifty years old, but it is in no way irrelevent. We see it everywhere without even realizing it: Album covers, graffiti, comic books, magazines, etc. Pop art is a truly unique style of art, and has influenced many other styles after it.

  5. Pop art is relavant to contemporary life because popular culture is more and more prevalent. It isn’t old-fashioned because most old-fashioned art styles depict something that almost always isn’t relavant to the viewer, while pop art is something current, something relavant, and something relatable. To me, Rosenquist seems very involved with his work. He has a clearly defined style, and sticks to it.

  6. Pop art helps the average person understand art. It makes art more understandable and accessible, taking the seriousness and superiority out of it. (Where as the older styles are sometimes harder to understand and feal a part of.) in someways I think pop art is also important because it helps us understand popular media and not to take the ads so seriously. Fom this world of consumerism we can create beauty. Pop art is definitely not irrelevant. It can still be appreciated and made because our pop culture has not changed much sence the 1950 ‘s in the way of adds and Hollywood.
    Rosenquist had a very interesting life and I think if he didn’t he would not have discovered pop art. His work looks very cool and very trippy. I like his style.

  7. Pop art is really relevant to contemporary life. Because pop art relates to the culture. Therefore, it can reflect the culture of this time. And the culture shows the contemporary life. In all, pop art is related to contemporary life. And because of these, the pop art shows what’s going on right now, so it can’t be a “old fashion”. In contrary, pop art is popular and fashionable. Because some of advisements, Graphic Design, Fashion Design come from pop art. The designers obtain the inspiration from the pop art, which always appears on the wall near the road… And I think pop art is the kind of art that the artists paint what comes from their deep heart, which is completely natural. And I love this style a lot. And I really admire Rosenquist. Once he starts to work, he will keep working, working and working, day and night. And I think this reflects that he is the person who really enjoy the art and use his heart to work…

  8. Pop art is relevant to contemporary life because it relfects it. Pop art shows people what is really going on in the world. It also shows culture. It shows how people act and what people like. I don’t think pop art is old fashion because it shows reality. It shows what the world really is. Rosenquist seems like a very hard worker. He really likes his art. He takes his work serious but he still has fun with it. Which I think is the most important becuase art is suppose to show people but also be fun. I like how he will work and work but when he finishes he goes somewhere and takes a break from painting. He gives himself time to relax which is always important.

  9. Pop art is very relevant to every day life. It’s everywhere even if we don’t recognize it. Andy Warhol’s drawings are of tomato and spam cans. I do think pop art is old fashioned”. Just because I think it’s old fashioned doesn’t make it not relevant to everything. I admire the Rosenquist is very dedicated to his work and he has his own unique style.

  10. That is quite the interesting spelling of reflect, Little C.
    I find pop art pretty relevant to today, as the nature of pop art is reflecting and providing a visual commentary on today (hence the “pop”, pop culture, pop music, etc.) This further eases its accessibility as anyone, whether or not they’re keen on art in the first place, can see the gist of it from the beginning, just by the nature of pop art. I wouldn’t say it’s old fashioned, as the style and way it’s done forever changes as does the likes of surrealism and so on. It’s a medium of expression more than a set template.
    Rosenquist comes off as someone with a passion for his work, and a willingness to work hard and persevere, as we can see from the very beginning of his career just trying to make it as a sign-maker.

      • Pop Art is very relevant to contemporary life. It shows us many things. A couple of these are the fact that it relates it is very ironic. It is using something that is meant to relate to the masses of people: advertisement. And it is using it to make a point about something very particular that is specific to the artist and his views. I do it as sort of a throw back in the faces of mass culture as opposed to a celebration of it, but that’s just me. I think that another reason it’s so important is that it has lasted for so long. People are stilling making art in the Pop Art style today, and it is still very relevant and popular. Personally, I think that it will continue to be a popular form of art for a long time. Rosenquist’s style is important because although it was part of a large style of art, it had it’s own specifics implications and meaning.

  11. Pop art is just another example of the 60s rebellion against what was normal. And so, just like all the other examples, the Beatles etc, we can always argue that it effects our life today. I disagree, with LIttle C, the art does not show what the world really is. It takes a common image and accentuates or adulterates it so that it is still recognizable. It appeals to people because it is like seeing the world through a different lens, visually. Rosenquist is just an artist. He sees things in a different way than other people and that makes him a good artist. Also, an unfortunate pitfall of some artists, he seems pretentious. I don’t like the fact that he believed he deserved to be paid more than everyone else in the union, especially right after the death of two of his co-workers. I believe that pop-art is reminiscent in todays society in grafitti, and so it is not irrevalent. I do believe however that it is old-fashioned. Art is vibrant and constantly changing and that is what makes it wonderful, it would be a sad thing indeed if art from 50 years ago was considered fashionable. Don’t get the wrong Idea, we should appreciate that art of the past, but not prize it over innovation.

  12. Pop art is still around and relevant. It’s definitely dated but I guess that’s “in” these days. It’s part of the retro fashion. There are even one or two effects in Photo Booth that make Pop art out of pictures taken with the computer. Rosenquist seems like a rather serious person who works very hard because he loves what he does. He also periodically takes breaks which is smart because it gives inspiration a time to regroup and come up with new things.

  13. I think that we look a lot at pop art and look at the surface, like a lot of people seem to do with realism, thinking things such as, “okay, you made it like a photo” or, “okay, you made it poppy” without looking into the real meaning of the art, something that is often cryptic and difficult to understand without looking at the artist themselves. Rosenquist seems to look heavily in the spiritual meaning that art gives to him, and less at what the art represents as a whole. In the interview he talks about the book of tea and how it was all about drinking a lot of tea and meditating on three things and I believed he was talking less about the tea and more about how art, in his was, was similar to the tea, allowing him to meditate and focus on what was important to him. Personally I think all types of art are still relavent in a way, I mean, if you see a piece of art, you are either inspired or not, you do not simply see any one piece of art more than another. For example, if I saw a weird poppy piece, and I loved it, then obviously that art would be relavent to me, and going by that I could say that if I saw a piece of realism that was close to photo perfect, and I wasn’t moved by it, that it wasn’t relavent, but of course this isn’t true because maybe you find it interesting, this is essentially a long drawn out way of saying that because one piece of art is interesting to someone, than it is relavent to matter what the broader spectrum of people think.

  14. Pop art is important because it allows us to experience things in our daily lives and look at it in a new way unlike we have ever seen it before. It is a bit of history that people back then found easy to relate to and a shred of the world they lived in and the rapidly changing times. It highlights the consumerism engulfing our society today even if the icons of this are dated and now of the past. Pop art is also a way for us to look back on the past and what was relevant then, showing the anxieties, opinions, and fears surrounding their culture.

  15. Pop art is not just relevant to daily life, it is centered around it. The purpose of pop art is to reflect elements of daily life that often go unnoticed, and to take focus away from the abstract, which many pop artists saw as overrated and exaggerated. When put into paintings, suddenly you notice even the smallest details of things that you glance at every day. To me at least, pop art is about taking things out of context so that you can notice the little things instead of just getting the overall look of something. Like we’ve heard from artists in previous blogs: for an artist, looking is different than seeing. I think pop art is still relevant because it has changed as times have changed, and this should be expected as pop art is a reflection on contemporary life.

  16. I think it is safe to say that Pop Art is very relevant to contemporary life because it reflects and relates to the current culture. As for Rosanquist, he is one of those artists you cannot help but admire. He has a style that he enjoys, and he does not need the approval of others to feel good about his work. He is an artist who works purely for the fact that he loves what he does. To say Pop Art is old fashioned is not incorrect, but that does not necessarily mean it is irrelevant. Pop Art still conveys artists take on society and our modern world. In my opinion, despite they fact that it is an older form of art, it is still extremely refreshing.

  17. Pop art is absolutely still relevant to contemporary life. It is a reflection of mainstream media and culture and so although today’s pop art is quite different looking than the pop art of the 50’s it is still alive and well. In response to Rosanquist as an artist I think he is the best kind because he is not unaffected by other people but strong in his own beliefs. In his interviews he mentions how hard working not only he, but many of the other big pop artists at the time were and that’s reflective of how much they loved what they did. I respect him for all of those reasons.

  18. I think that it is safe to say that pop art is still around and relevant. It’s part of the retro fashion that people love these days. There are effects on my phone and computer that make pop art out of normal pictures you take. Like that, Pop art is really settled in lots of parts of life. I alsoagreed with some other comments that it also appears in magazines, on the walls of buildings or on your computer. I don’t think pop art is old fashioned because it is important and widely spread into daily life. It is more playful rather than a more technical serious type of art. I think pop art is still relevant because today we can critique things in popular culture the same way pop artists did. Also pop art is very visually appealing and a great way to compare our lives to the lives of the pop artists and how life was in the fifties and sixties.

  19. Even though it’s heyday was in the 50s, pop art is still quite relevant to contemporary life. Pop art presents consumerism in a new light, and even though the images portrayed around the 50s are not current, a culture of consumerism in America is still very much present.
    Rosenquist seems very dedicated to his work and sticking to his own beliefs, which I admire. As for the work itself, I am not a huge fan. Many of his paintings just seem too colorful and dimensionless.

  20. Before watching the video, I thought pop art was 3D art that popped off the page like in children’s books when the page is turned. However, pop art is 2D art that deals with contemporary life. It involves styles, ideas, and items that people encounter in life. It usually involves bright and vibrant colors. Pop art took the once sophisticate form of artwork and simplified it and brought it to a more relatable and relevant level for the common people. It started in Europe as a form of rebellion against against art standards and then spread to America the next decade. Pop art is definitely still relevant even today. Although it would look different and involve different things than it did when Pop art became popular, the same ideas and standards are still behind Pop art.

  21. Pop art allows the normal person to enjoy the arts. It is able to do this because it reflects the current culture of the time so it can never really go out of style. I do not think that Pop Art is old Fashioned because it is able to evolve with the times. So Pop art from the 80s is a lot different that Pop Art now which is what makes Pop Art so special and unique. I am a fan of Rosenquist’s works because he uses such bright colors to add depth to his works.

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