Photo 1 -Moholy Nagy Due 10/1


1. Read the summary about Moholy Nagy:


2. Look at all the Moholy Nagy images and choose the one you like the best and post a link to it.Then, comment and explain why you like it and how you think it was made. Also, post a remark about the image linked in the comment immediately before yours.



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  1. I liked this image because other than the many paper clips you can’t really tell what was blocking the light from the paper and makes you think about the image and how it was made.

    There were no posts before mine.

  2. I liked this image because you can’t tell what the object originally was. It also looks like smoke and glass at the same time.

    I agree with the above comment above, I don’t know how the artist created that effect.

  3. I choose this one because to me the hand looks like its being swallowed up in the darkness. but in reality its just his other hand flipped. I kept trying to do this, but to no avail.

    I really like the image before mine, it looks like one of those plastic 3D sculptures on the AP Art page.

  4. I also like the post by huntingbyrd…it has a weird symmetry that plays with negative/positive space.

    I choose several because I think they are all done similarly: the random cast shadow on the figure(s) which adds a dimension/layer to the photo that I find appealing; content is enhanced…he stumbled upon one and then found others, unless they were all staged???

  5. OMG!! i am being totally honest here..i have no idea how he did these. I imagine he just spends hours in the dark figuring it out though so Im not too envious cuz that would be very lonely. I am honestly not too crazy about Salvadors too much…at least in comparison to the rest of Nagy’s work. I like how in some areas where the whites show..there is some sort of texture that isn’t quite a grey, and isn’t quite a white.

  6. This photogram of Nagy’s is really interesting, because of it’s crazy shape and also it could either be a double exposure or shadows, it’s hard to tell.

    In the one above, it reminds me of those illusions where you can either see a vase or two faces. It would be cool to try this.

  7. I like this photogram because it shows a range of emotions in the woman’s face and I like how he abstracted her a little with the long exposure. I think he did this by making a long exposure on the photogram and then had her stay in one spot for a few seconds and then move to another area so that it gave the illusion of there being multiple clones of her.
    I like the one above mine because he moved the objects so many times that they don’t look like any normal objects. I also think it has good movement.


    I like this one because Nagy created a wonderful relationship between the light and its shadow. But I am not sure about how he made this……Because different angle can always make different effects, or maybe there’s two people, one stood there, and the other hid behind the screen and showed his hand.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=9210ab65a5d27a38&biw=1680&bih=949,r:25,s:54,i:385&tx=42&ty=47,r:0,s:289,i:6&tx=56&ty=58,r:1,s:349,i:197&tx=50&ty=49

    And I also like those photos, they seemed simple, but the light on their faces/bodies and their facial emotion just so brilliant.

    I think the photo above used multiple exposure that made multiple image of the same person remain on the same paper, it’s awesome.

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