AP 2DR – 2DN – 3D – Due 10/1


Search Youtube for an AP portfolio you especially like and post a link to it.  Comment on why you like it and what the visual and conceptual strengths are.  Explain what you think the evolution is for this Concentration set.

Also, comment on the link posted by the previous student (whether they are 2Dr, 2Dn, or 3D). Make connections, suggestions, and remarks on the links between their work and the work that they chose.  Offer ideas about ways they might build upon their common aesthetic interests.

Note to 3D – There are fewer 3D portfolios posted.  If you cannot find one, find a particular sculptor you find interesting and do the same, as if their work was a Concentration set.


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  1. This portfolio is only the concentration section of the AP, but it was the most satisfying concentration I could find. There is a very clear progression from realism to abstraction. I also like the subject matter and how the portrayal of grief becomes clearer through abstraction.

  2. ok i feel really strange about posting this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amflpQo0VbU&feature=related Its kind of strange but it was the one that struck me the most. A lot of the work is quite terrifying but wonderfully detailed.It’s like opening their brain and letting it spill onto the paper. The art is somewhat stylized but it works for this portfolio. Their concentration, which I believe is the fetus, got better and more realistic towards the end, and it felt like there was more of an impact. I don’t really have any advice to offer this person.
    Now for 3-D i found a video of some person just making dresses http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULPxONLMcP8 . I believe this was their concentration since they didn’t do anything else. I liked the dresses at the beginning, then towards the end the artist works more with origami, making very similar dresses. I don’t think my concentration would be dresses but it’s cool to see people do it, like Ana two years ago. All i think this artist should do is work on other 3-D things, since there is only one paper sculpture. more variety is what I’m saying.

  3. Portfolio link: http://m.youtube.com/?reload=7&rdm=mb32416y2#
    Likes: I loved how he focused on one set of movements, ballet, and produced many sculptures within those constraints without being repeditive. His use of exaggeration gave them an eerie beauty and elegance. In particular, I loved the reconstruction of their forms over time and how they became either abstract or distorted but still seemed so strongly connected to the subject and the first few very realistic sculptures.
    Visual Strengths: portrays elegance as well as a darker beauty in the later pieces
    Conceptual Strengths: ability to tie in all of the pieces as well as show very different aspects.
    Evolution: the deconstruction and abstraction of form and the switch from formal and exact beauty to the beauty of imperfection.
    Connections: although very different, the drawings by Choi that showed a clear progression of intensity and abstraction that I find in Heykel’s art as well.

  4. Link: http://m.youtube.com/?reload=7&rdm=mb32416y2#
    Likes: the concentration on one subject matter, ballet, that was carried through even as his works became abstract and distorted. His use of different techniques to show different sides of his concentration were effective and interesting.
    Visual Strengths: using exaggeration to show the progresssion of the works, staring with elongated and elegant and moving twords rough and compacted forms told two different emotions but were still linked.
    Conceptual Strengths: by showing a darker side of his ideas, he showed the beauty of imperfection even within forms that are considered to be the pinical of beauty and perfection. I found that there was a sadness and disinigration to the dancers that was portrayed beautifully.
    Connections: although very different, I found that Choi’s work with the fetus becoming abstracted and dominant similar to the abstraction and dominance of particular body parts in Heykel’s work.

  5. I really like the strong colors and graphic elements. ESPECIALLY the Pink Floyd poster because I love concert posters and the design/layout is really strong. I also appreciated the use of space and design elements.

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