1. Look at the video relevant to your specialty : 2D-Drawing (2DR), or 2D- Design (2DN), or 3D. But don’t hesitate to look at any others and post/share links!

A. 2DN

B. 2DR

C. 3D

2. Look at the list on this site and think about the ideas in relation to your ideas, so far, about your Concentration.  Remember, you do not need to settle in on a Concentration yet.  You are in contemplation mode.


3. Finally, comment on the strengths of the portfolio and kinds of ideas the video(s) and the list gives you.  Or, consider how they might help you to narrow your focus, even though your focus might be quite different. Don’t hesitate to comment to one another about strengths you see in their work and ideas you might have for them. Return/repeat comments are good so we can have a virtual conversation.

4. 3D: Attend some event at the Ceramerama this weekend – Sept 14-15



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  1. I found the strengths in this portfolio to be the overlapping projections. It kept the concentration from falling flat, especially with such a strong use of one type of display. I thought that the artist achieved the merging of two traditional objects into something more innovative and complex. The artist changed the reason behind the function of an object rather than the way it is used, which is inspirational. I really admired the enlargement and abstraction of a 3-D piece onto the wall.

    This portfolio has definitely reminded me that sometimes using simple objects in simple ways can be interesting and rewarding. It motivates me to think more about the use of the things around me and to encourage effortlessness in not only my approach but my outcome.

    • Bring in some of you sculptural paper work and let’s see if any of it has projection possibilities. I think the key to this student’s portfolio is the dimensional illusion to the projections and the shadows, as well as the formalist emphasis.

  2. I wasn’t quite sure how well some of the concentration pieces connected to each other (in the Design portfolio). I was under the impression that they had to be relatively similar in terms of media and concept? I enjoyed the last few though, which all seemed to be a commentary on substance abuse. I thought that the way in which the artist portrayed the abuse was very straightforward and had a strong impact because of that. The blacked out eyes were also very effective.

    As a side note I found it interesting that one of the concentration suggestions was the ‘7 Deadly Sins’ which I have already done a project on. It would be interesting to translate that over into a medium that is not photography.

    • Let’s look at these portfolios together and analyze what connects them. The portfolio also needs to show evolution of the idea and artistry. Sometimes, the ordering of the pieces can dilute what the links are an emphasize their differences. Let’s see what midnight runner and hunting byrd think about it…..

  3. These are all good ‘reminders’ of where one could go with concentrations in the 2-D Drawing or Design arenas(Photo included). I would be looking through my breadth portfolio for the ones I loved the most; I might try some of the ideas presented to expand on ‘my’ breadth strength as well as the techniques or mediums used in the videos. I think expanding on what I already had would suggest at least one concentration potential theme. For all AP students, it might be interesting to look at the work in the Art 1 and 2 Blogs….makes me envious as well as inspired to view these artists and the stories they have told with their work. Maybe thinking of ‘story’ would be a beneficial idea…..
    3-D….I enjoyed the projected image idea as a reminder of something from my past art training.A final exam piece for a theory class had to go beyond 3-D to include a 3.5, 4th or 5th dimension. I used balsa wood and colored acetate to create a 3-D form but projected a beam of light thru it while it turned on a pedestal…it created shadows, shades of different colors on a wall while the frame work also appeared to change. It was less than 2 feet high, ‘cross’ forms like bars on telephone poles. I latter added threads and stings of different sizes for the additional linear qualities. I was happy with the idea and results.

  4. Ok so i looked at two of these. the strongest concentration for me were the projections, very differant. on the drawing AP spectrum i found most of the images drawn on top of something (ie a map or some plan) were very interesting. it reminds me of the project i did in art 2 with the topography map, that was really dificult though.
    for 3-D the concentration list was a little helpful, i know i want to concentrate with clay bit narrowing it down is hard. And for drawing AP my mind hasn’t even gravitated towards that since i have a lot of work to do. but if i took a stab at what i’m thinking of doing it would involve people.

  5. I looked at the 2D-Design portfolio and really liked what I saw. The use of multiple mediums (cardboard and pen+ink techniques, etc.) is similar to the kinds of sculptural paintings that I do. The use of drips in a few of the pieces also paralleled some of my art. I think that it would be good to accentuate those and other particular techniques in my Concentration portfolio would be useful to really state my personal style.

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