AP Photo – Due Thur. 9/20


1. View each of the twelve series of works by photographer Shmuel Thaler. Post a comment on your favorite(s) and the aspects that make the photographs strong (formally and conceptually) and the aspects that link them together as a series.


2. Visit one or both of the shows listed at the site below and enter a comment about the photos in the show(s).



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  1. 1. All the topics are local themes. I liked so many for different reasons but the human context and emotional content are right there. My favorite is the “Solitary Man”. I know where his home is and often see him with his dog…I’ve purchased sandwiches and dog food when I happened to see them near the Mission St. Safeway store. He is a gentle soul as far as I can tell, even though I’ve not seen him there for several months…maybe because I was gone all summer I hope.
    2. I’m pretty fond of architecture in general so this is the show I was more interested to see.
    AND, it is architecture from many places in the world. The scale is pretty impressive! This makes them seem like windows into a different world if you can block out the walls they hang on….loved it!

  2. I enjoy how many of his pictures contain elements of the sky in them. Through most of his work that seemed to be a common recurrence. I concept-wise I enjoyed the album about Amber as well as “Solitary Man,” but the photograph I particularly enjoyed was the picture with all of the ladders going up into the sky. It reminded me of a dream that I had and the picture looks almost surreal.
    I visited Lulu’s and I really liked the picture of the gothic cathedral. It was taken in such a way that the different parts of the architecture appeared to be laid out on a flat ground instead of it being a three dimensional building.

  3. I have to say, all these photos have really interesting angle shots. He definitly sees the world though his own lens, which i believe is important for being a photographer… which explains why he is so successful. As well i like how everything he takes a picture encaptures in some way a human element. Even if it is a nature shot. there is something warming familiar like a mother? (if that doesn’t sound chessy but you get the point).
    I enjoy architure as well, and his were very nice. There were non though that stuck out in my head. Buildings are nice, and some are creative but when it comes down to it id rather see it in person then in a fancy photo.

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