Art 2 Collages – Due Thursday 9/13


Read the short articles at the following two websites, noting particularly the biography and motivations of the artist.

From the National Museum of Women in the Arts:  Jaune Quick-To-See-Smith

From the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts: jaune-quick-to-see-smith

Study her images: Images for Jaune Quick-To-See-Smith

In your comments, discuss why she makes art like this. What is random, if anything, and what is intentional? Why do you think she mixes collage and paint? What is your favorite work and what does it communicate to you? Will you use any of her techniques or ideas about the power of images?


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  1. Jaune Quick-To-See Smith makes art that is a combination of anglo art, and the designs and pictures of her people. Through her work, she shows the suffering of Native Americans in the past and present, as well as the suffering of the planet now. The way she mixes collages and paints draws your attention to the art piece and makes you think about the images or text that she chose. My favorite painting by Jaune Quick-To-See Smith is “Salmon Jumping” because of the assorted designs and the color combination. With her paintings, she is able to express emotions that would be hard to write.

    • That’s an excellent point about the nature of artistic expression: it can’t be simply translated into words…..but sometime words can help enhance the experience of viewing, getting us to notice what we might overlook.

  2. Jane Quick-To-See Smith creates art that conveys an environmental and political statement and portrays the struggles of her people, the Native Americans. The portions of her picture that Smith chooses to paint accentuate the images and text that she integrates, giving emphasis to the greater message/moral of her art piece. Also, the colors (or lack thereof) that Smith incorporates in her artwork help to set the overall mood/tone of the image. I like Jane Quick-To-See’s art piece, “Red Sky”, because of her use of color and the movement she creates with the various directions and thicknesses of the colors and lines.

  3. Jaune Quick-To-See-Smith’s art is definitely some of the most original work I’ve seen. Her art shows lots of little drawings and clippings of Native American art, mixed in with bold colors and statements such as: “It takes hard work to keep racism alive.” She uses this variety of mixed media to bring a real feel of Native American culture. Although it may look random, I think the use of colors and clippings adds mood and tone to the art, as Wisdomrosecreations mentioned. One piece of art I found particularly interesting was “Memory Map” (, because I thought it was very interesting and meaningful the way the map of the United States was overlaid with tribal drawings from the indigenous people, reminding us of the people who lived peacefully here for thousands of years before European settlers murdered and displaced them. In the collage project we’re currently working on, I’ll try to use some of her ideas such as use of color, text, and variety of media.

    • As you point out, her work is full of important meaning and a forgotten history, as well as sensitive aesthetics that carry emotional impact. I look forward to seeing how you incorporate some of these techniques…..

  4. I love the maps! I was surprised by their very large size in some cases. Native Americans originally occupied the space represented by the maps….major metaphorical and symbolic art statement. What about the maps of Jasper Johns? I also love the statement “it takes hard work to keep racism alive” and I jump to our current election process where blue and red states represent a political party and potential voting result. Then I start looking at her imagery, how it matches the flatness of the picture plane, how the size and color of the images as well as the ground color control the environments and the content of the piece. It is interesting that she even pulls Mexican images into her work – mixed media, mixed symbolism, mixed scale….we as inhabitants of the Americas represent a mixed heritage! Love that this all makes me think beyond my cultural borders!

  5. I think there were a lot of metaphorical and symbolic things she was conveying. I think she chooses to use these materials because it they are not oftenly used by well-known artists and it’s diffferent. It also has a very Native American effect and she is inspired by her father entertaining her with drawings..she is basically trying to get back to the basics. I like the giant painting of the boat. It is very dimensional yet flat. They are very interesting pieces over all…They give me a warm sensation inside when I looked at them.

  6. 1. I think she makes art like this because it reflects her experiences and allows her to show her emotions thorough her art.
    2. I think that she starts out intentional, but goes to just letting her hand flow with the piece.
    3. I think she mixes collage and paints because it allows her to be very free-form. She has more than one way to express herself.
    4. My favorite work is either Buffalo 1992, because she just puts enough in to show the viewer what she sees, or 4 Directions, because I like the bird.
    5. I like how she makes certain things pop out, and may use that in my own piece.

  7. Jaune Quick-to-see Smith creates this art to express her experiences she has had. I think she uses the bright colors to show emotion. I think this kind of art is different from other art. I like how she has her own style. I also think she was inspired by her father who drew pictures of animals for her when she was young to entertain her. I like the sunset on the escarpment painting the best.

    • I like your point about the importance of her father’s drawings. Sharing the experience of making art, sharing imagination and imaginative sharing, can be life changing. He set her on the expressive path.

  8. Jaune Quick-To-See Smith makes art that is a combination of European and Native American art styles. I believe that this is a way for her to get more in touch with her past and to bridge the cultural gap in her genealogy. I think she mixes collage and paint to create depth on her canvas and to draw attention to certain elements of the composition. I am drawn to her map paintings; I love the bleeding feeling it conveys and the way it obscures the map but at the same time enhances the lines and the words on it. I might use the dripping/running technique that she uses on the maps in my own work. I like how it makes the canvas look wet.

  9. I believe that Jane Quick-To-See Smith’s art is definitely intentional and follows a typical Native American art pattern of art pieces appearing simplistic, but being totally intricate once a second glance is taken at the piece. I think she makes art as a pathway to express her attachments to her native roots, but also to express her feelings on the more modern era and how she fits into that, as well (being a female artist, when it’s frowned upon in her culture). It’s her way of releasing her feelings out in an abstract manner. I like how her line styles are less straight and more flowy and how a lot of the objects (it would seem) are placed at random within the piece, but all the elements seem to be intentionally etched in by the end of the piece. Mixing collage and paint gives her paintings the element of being human and gives her pieces a sort of natural and native feel. My favorite piece by Jaune is Four Directions. I am aware that there were many other pieces to choose from, but the bird and the tree and the seemingly child-drawn faces at the top of the painting truly caught my eye. This interpretation of the painting is probably a bit weird and unusual. But, I think that it represents the simple and nature-centered life style of the Native American. Yet the element of what looks like a red pig (at least to me) could represent the bloodshed that bringing livestock into the the Americas caused (disease outbreaks). It is aligned with the more intricately painted and solemn man, which came as a result of leaving behind that seemingly simple way of life and becoming far more complex like in society today. The bird is surrounded by elements of fauna and flora, but stands out looking wistfully and boldly across the painting…its meaning seems to say something to the heart that really can’t be expressed to the mind (freedom, maybe?). I definitely will try to use that certain naturally simplistic element in her painting style…the way the brush strokes just seem to weave together, as I finish my painting.

  10. Juane Quick-to-See Smith’s mixed media projects are really interesting. It seems like she thinks about all the elements very carefully before putting them together. Although some parts could be unintentional, if there are parts one interprets in their own way. By using collage as well as paint, she can mix up the textures and show more meaning in the paintings. I really liked the map painting, it’s such a deep piece, and if you know about her background it makes it all the more interesting. I might use some techniques like the dark outlines on bright paper.

  11. I really enjoyed this sort of abstract art because in a sense, it makes the concept more hidden but more effective. The random aspects of her pieces all seem to serve a purpose whether is is a space filling image, a background, a detail, etc. Everything in her pieces, as far as I can see, are intentional in the way the image as a whole interacts together not only to create a message but to please the eye with the view. The smaller, background images tie together and make the image flow. Mixing the collage with paint reminds me of a bulletin board with important flyers and opinions and I think that her use of this type of art is kind of a artsy portrayal of these important messages she is trying to alert us to. I really like her dove collage because the dove stands out but the faces in the background almost creep up on me as I begin to look deeper into the painting. I think that for the end of my art project I want to incorporate more little details instead of focusing on dressing up the bigger pictures.

  12. Juane Quick-to-See’s pictures are really interesting. Her painting is always colorful to show all the emotions she wants to express. We all know that mixing up painting is much harder than it looks.
    But Juane really did well with it.

  13. Most of Jaune Quick-To-See-Smith’s art is representing much about Native Americans. Color is really smooth and nice. Her art work is full of meaning. However, I like her art pieces especially the one called “salmon jumping”. It is very cool and I like how she uses color.

  14. To be honest this isn’t my type of art. But i still find it very interesting. I don’t think anything she does is unintentional I think artists look at every detail of their painting. As to why she uses mixed media I think its just because she enjoys it, after all what is art if its not enjoyed by its creator. My favorite works are the ones that include animals like the one with the bird and the horses. I like the colors she uses; they are bright without being overwhelming.

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