Art 3 Bones – Due 9/4


LOOK AT THE WAY O’KEEFFE USES BONES AND PLAYS WITH FIGURE AND GROUND, FORM AND SPACE.  In your comments, consider the effect this has on the viewer, whether or not it is symbolic or purely formal, and consider the music that Fogelberg created as tribute to O’Keeffe.  Does it add to or change your response to her work.  You may want to listen to it with and without sound.


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  1. I have always loved her work…as I look at it now, I honor the sensuality it shows/symbolizes…the ones where symmetry happens in the rectangle of the picture plane OR the square within the rectangle; the diagonal strengths, the use of perspective…. Maybe she is influenced by her photographer husband as I note a strong reliance on high contrast levels whether it be in the warm or cool palette of color, the use of comlementary color schemes. BALANCE above all else. Great works.

  2. It seems like O’Keeffe has a distinct style. She paints/draws her art in a way that makes each object stand out on its on. There is minimal blending and she doesn’t seem worried about making everything seem realistic. I mean, obviously there is blending, but only within each individual object (usually). I like the color schemes that she uses. She usually stays with either a warm or a cool hue with each painting. It is clear this woman had a fascination with bones and learned many interesting ways to portray them.

  3. Well, only a few of the works shown here were of bones, but what I did see, I really liked (the rest of her work, too). I love the way she played with the negative shapes, creating dancing images, such as that at 1:15 in the video. It’s almost like she’s poking fun at death, or saying death is not such a bad thing, that we shouldn’t be so serious and sad about it all the time. We should be carefree. In this way her work is symbolic, of both death and that lightness of spirit. The music adds to this interpretation. While the lyrics are melancholy, the melody is not sad. Just wistful.

  4. some of those paintings and stuff were pretty cool…i didn’t find the bones consistant throughout the whole thing tho…but its probably just me

  5. I love the way Georgia O’keeffe resists the use of outlining lines to form her shapes and figures, but used shading and over-lapping spaces to create the contrast. She captures the realistic idea of the bones, but also plays with their colors and shading. I notice she never blends her colors in a natural way but prefers to fill in each shadow or highlight with a concrete color. This allows the viewer to blend the colors with their own eyes and make a personal lightness or darkness for each painting. The music captures O’keeffe’s ideas and goes alone with each slide of the video. It adds more appreciation to the work with its soft, delicate tone. I really like her work; it shows great interpretation and simple ideas brought through complex designs.

  6. I definitely agree with the comments above. The images in her work are all very distinct and, for me, there’s sort of a feeling of separation. Not necessarily between me and her work, more like within it. I don’t know if this is going too far, but it could be symbolic for separating life and art or even life and death. In the images where her head is next to a cow skull, I feel like she’s comparing herself to it. She isn’t grinning or sobbing but looks rather at peace with the whole idea of death. (And I know it’s lame but I got a little harry potter connection here. BOOM! She is the true master of the deathly hallows. She’s accepted death, or at least the idea of it. Like, she could defeat Voldemort.)
    Anywaays, I loved the piece with the clouds at 2:52 and of course, the poppies. The colors are crazy and I love how the poppies cover the entire page. She could have easily put those flowers in a vase and painted them like a million other artists but instead, they consume the canvas. They’re so in your face with the composition and the color; it’s amazing.
    I also really didn’t like the music. It was distracting from her work and made the video seem really cheesy. It totally sounded like Elton John’s cover of that Lion King song… weird.

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