Art 2 vertical line and wind drawing – Due 9/4



vertical line still life



Alan Story drawing machines

COMMENT on the differences between the human touch (applied in a regulated, patterned method) and the machine.  Is there a system to it? Is it an expressive drawing? Do you consider it artistic? Is it art?


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  1. I think that abstract art made by human hands is much more loose than that made by the Climatic Drawing machine. Although the machine’s art is a bunch of squiggles, it seems more precise and exact, and more planned out. The machine’s art is expressive, but only if you know that it is made from motion. If a viewer just walked into a gallery and saw it on the wall, they might wonder what the big deal was about the picture with a bunch of odd lines. I think that it is art because it expresses an idea.

  2. I think this is art, but in a much different way than a drawing by a human would be. The machine doesn’t have a distinct style, such as human artists do. It doesn’t have flair, and it doesn’t exagerate lines, but I do consider it artistic. Whether or not other people do depends on their definition of artistic.

  3. Who or what is the greater teacher? Human AND/or machine? Both have their roles in recording events by humans or by nature(earthquakes, graphic models of weather). Is one considered more expressive than the other? Does it really matter? The point is in observation and consideration, like and dislike; expansive and restrictive in identity of the source making the mark (?). Does it provoke a response or question in the viewer? If so, I consider that it is art in my interpretation of ‘what is art’.

  4. To me, art entails the observation and understanding of one’s surroundings (and the workings of the natural world) as well as the expression of imagination and creativity. I believe that the drawing is art; Alan Storey is aware of his surroundings and is taking advantage of the movements in our every-day life. He exercised his imagination and creative thinking to simply come up with the idea of the machine. I think of the art piece as expressive because it tells a story of something in motion and it reflects Alan Storey’s imaginative idea.

  5. The art created by the machine is fundamentally different than art created by a human. While it still can convey a lot of expression to a viewer, I think there’s something about human-made art that has more of an effect on people. When looking at a piece of art created by another human, you know that emotion went into the art, and it helps to make sense of even the most abstract piece. The darker and thinner lines and the colors seem to express the feelings of the artist, which to me make the piece more interesting. The pieces created by the machine are definitely interesting, but without any underlying emotion, they seem less artistic and more like precise machine-made lines on paper. Without any reflected meaning by the artist, I think the machine-made art is less expressive – though of course, the viewer may find meaning in it. I think that it’s definitely art, though the degree in which it is artistic or expressive relies solely on the eyes of the beholder.

  6. I feel that it is very much a form of art. In my opinion, art is a manner somebody views the world, or emotions, and then the artist systematically or in a developed use of whatever media they specialize in, convey the way they see it …visually in this case. This is really a mouth full but it is honestly the best way i know how to explain it…obviously my art isn’t writing…but i might be able to convey the emotion this concept entails for me visually. the man who used the machine probably called this documentation of the wind art because something about the image it created conveyed something he wanted to express…whether (no pun intended) it be the interesting patterns of the wind, or the unorganized way he approaches life…etc. On a different note…this reminds me of when I put a pencil on a piece of paper during a long car ride, and see what designs the mumps and curves in the road make on my paper…I think if these doodles had moral or visual significance to me…I might even call this art.

  7. i would say that the main difference between the machine and the human is that the machine’s drawing is purely motion, there is nothing more to the work than the shallowest of levels, there is no meaning and no expression. all the canvas showed is motion over time. when a human draws, the flaws, the irregularities, the idiosyncrasies add to the piece and bring life to the work. furthermore, in the two examples given, the machine is drawing something nonsensical, something that doesn’t show on a page, where as the human is drawing a still life. the two pictures are very different, in concept and technique, but the fact that one was drawn by a machine and the other by hand, instantly endears me to the human drawing.

  8. I would consider this art in some ways. Though it’s not very visually appealing (like it’s not something that I’d put up on my wall) the drawing machine is definitely interesting and can create something new. Personally, I don’t think that it’s particularly expressive or artistic, because since it was made by a machine, there isn’t that thought and love put into each piece.

  9. The drawing machine’s lines do not look human. Squiggly as they may be, they do have the quality to appear perfectly positioned, perfectly sketched, and far more stiff than a human’s loose lines. When glancing closely at the lines made by the machine, there are no little squiggles to be found, whereas in human drawings, many little squiggles can be found in the big squiggles due to the human hand not being as capable of drawing in as an automaton-like manner as a machine. The drawings themselves as a whole appear to convey a sense of perfection and steadiness within nature, hence the drawings are expressive…but just in a different manner. As to addressing the question of whether said drawings are “art” or not. Art is usually defined as being any man-made work or the work of any living creature. The machine itself would be art as would the programming. I suppose that the picture would be art as well seeing as though it would be based off of the programming that the human had made (indirect art). So basically, indirectly, the picture is art.

  10. I think that the drawing machine art is really interesting, as long as you know what the machine is reflecting. Without it, obviously there is meaning behind it and a story, because it’s a little too unprecise and without a pattern to be from human hand. If you know the movement it’s reflecting, it can almost show how our steps all together can actually be really small in the scale of things.

  11. It is easy to see the huge difference between the drawing machine and human. The lines from drawing machine is more likely to be shaped. It makes people feel like stiff. An art contains human’s
    emotions such as love, hate,happy…A machine does not have these things. So a picture made by
    machine will never be an art. It is just a picture without soul.

  12. I think a major difference between the machine drawing and the human drawing is the amount of error. Humans just tend to make more mistakes but it’s these mistakes that give the piece character.

  13. I don’t like the machine drawings. There is a big difference between the machine and a human. I think The human hand is much different. I dont think the machine drew a very pretty picture. I dont think a picture made by a machine would be considered art because it is not made by someone it is made by something.

  14. I think it was really different between the machine and human drawing because human draw the line by feeling and made it has a meaning dose not like the machine that is a program which people produced for help it easy to use.

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