Art 3 – for 5/24 Crit


The following are COMPOSITION TIPS from Johannes Vloothuis.   “I put together a series of “ rules” (I’d prefer the word, tips) of composition that when used properly should reduce the flaws in your landscape paintings. These are a compilation of what appears in most books on composition plus some of my own ideas. A word of caution; do not allow these to hinder your work. They are to help you out when you are in doubt on where to place diverse elements in your work. Rules are made to be broken, in which case you should at least know what rule you are breaking and why and not err due to insufficient knowledge.”

Art 3 students: Look through ALL of the ideas and examples in the link below.  Comment on the 3 that are most important to the landscape painting you are working on now. (Not the first 3 you see…..or only on the first few pages)

Landscape Guidelines


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  1. 1) Tip 4: Straight lines should be avoided at all costs. I have the upper half of my composition divided by the power lines. I may want to free-hand them as opposed to drawing three rigid lines with ruler.

    2) Tip 8: Depth. With the receding repetition of trees in my landscape, I will work with values to create a sense of depth.

    3) Tip 20: Avoid geometric shapes. The trees are a repetition of shapes, so I will have to work to make them more fluid, less geometrical.

  2. The first one that comes to mind was near the end and that is that you shouldn’t pre-mix your colors, as I have been trying to do in my piece, but mix them on the page. This is something that I will be trying tomorrow morning. I also found the compositional tips toward the beginning helpful. The center of interest is not a new concept for me, but I’ve never been told to make it brighter colors or have a “rest” area near the focal point of the piece. One thing I didn’t like that this person talked about was that straight lines should be avoided like the plague. I’m a fan of straight lines and I like painting cityscapes.

  3. Tip 8:depth.this is kinda important since i usually do not work on depth that much in my work.
    Tip 9: contrast in dark and light. barb was kinda going in this direction when she saw my painting, so i do think i should have the lighter in the back and the darker in the front. light against dark and other contrasty things that i don’t always do.
    Tip 21: horizontal line should never go across the middle. yeah barb also told me this yesterday and i made sure not to as she was hovering over me. now my painting will look pretty darn cool.
    i like the examples of work that this artist provides, are they her own work?

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