Art 1 – For 5/21


Spend at least 10 minutes looking at the examples of the mixed media journals in the link below. These were collaboratively and randomly made by tens of thousands. Be sure to touch on the different categories. Comment on what you found, what interested you, what you felt when looking into the personal thoughts left by strangers, and inspiration you get from this mixed media art.  Then do an hour on mixed media sketchbook pages in the style of some of the journals you liked.

1000 Journals Project


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  1. I thought these mixed media journals were really interesting. Every single one was totally unique, and all of them told a story. I almost felt like looking at these was trespassing into someone’s diary or something, since each of them felt so personal to me. These entries inspired me to try out different styles of mixed media art, such as incorporating words and seemingly unrelated images together to create something new. The entries sort of reminded me of Rosenquist’s art. His work seemed like it was just a jumble of images, but when you really think about the work, the artist is trying to convey something bigger.

  2. I liked the lines and use of color.
    I think that all the journals had a similar message (for the ones that actually had a message, at least). It would be nice if they weren’t all so similar, but I know that would be difficult.

  3. This was one of my favorite blog topics so far because I love doing these things myself. I liked the pages that were creative, artistic, and used media other than a pen or pencil. A page that embodies these characteristics beautifully was the second page in the personal/behavior category. The part that I believe that made them so interesting was that each time you looked you found something different.

  4. I liked the use of words as a way of expressing the art. I also liked how most of them had to do with people responding to culture: there were lots of artists (like John Lennon), and responses to politics (there was a George Bush mixed media and also a mixed media with different environmental stickers) . I think this art medium is cool because they are mostly responding to human themes or political/social situations, so they are all very modern and accessible.

  5. This project is really interesting, and I really enjoyed looking through the various journals and seeing the variety of ways people expressed themselves within the pages. The creativity of it all is astounding. I liked the various inspirational messages and the personal/diary entries particular because they made you think and were very inspiring and thought provoking. I thought it was really cool to get a little insight into some random person’s life – in whatever particular way they chose to show it.

  6. I did something like this as a child. My best friend and I sent a teddy bear and journal with instructions to keep the teddy bear and bring it with you different places and possibly include a memento with the bear and then send it to someone who might like it. We set a return date for the bear and were pleasantly surprised when it returned and found out that it had gone to opera houses, birthday parties, and even Disneyland. I love the idea of having a common place where everyone can put a little bit of themselves down. I particularly liked a page in journal 182 that included the words of a playwright. The entry was witty and I spent a relatively long time looking at it, though there was no art on the page. I think what intrigued me most was the different handwriting that each person had. I felt like it told me something about them and how they wanted to portray themselves in the entry. Thanks for showing this to me, I’m sure I’ll be spending a couple hours more on this site.

  7. I liked how you could see thousands of peoples different styles, and how many different types of media and subject matter there were in the journals. Even though I don’t know these people, I feel like these journals are a peephole into their lives. They inspired me to do more abstract drawings.

  8. This is really interesting, it has many different journals and various inspirational messages, media. I like the variety ways that people expressed themselves.These all inspired me to try out think about different styles of mixed media art. Some picture is modern and really nice.

  9. I agree that each journal was more like a diary entry. I liked seeing the individuality of every journal and seeing how it sort of told a story about the artist.I see how this blog is related to e blog from last week because we learned about meanings in art and all of the journals had so much meaning. I liked looking at these. Lot and I think it would be very fun to keep a journal like this all though summer.

  10. I really enjoyed looking at these journals. Each picture, drawing, and piece of art looked very different and none of them were at all the same. Many of the drawings were very creative and original. These journals really let us see into their lives with and see their own style of art.

  11. I really like this idea, of leaving sketchbooks everywhere and letting people draw, write, or paint in them. The variety of art in each book is kind of fascinating. The first page in journal 230 I thought was really insightful and an interesting way to look at art. Something like this should be started in Santa Cruz, the art would be way cool I think.

  12. I really like looking at these journals because you can tell the personal aspects of the art. One person wrote that it was hard for them to actually write about their day, but the page before in the journal had pictures and stickers. I totally understand the feeling of not being able to tell how you feel but being able to show it and express it through an image or color. In a way, I could see these journals as a mature picture book like story. And as Ian said they were very creative and original.

  13. I like how this shows the different ways people express themselves. I really like the different mediums used. The beads/buttons look cool. I like the collages best and some of the quotes. It’s awesome how these journals can be used for so many things.

  14. Comment on what you found: I found this image to be my favorite, it seemed to have the tone of an early child’s drawing
    What interested you: I was interested by the different styles employed
    What you felt when looking into the personal thoughts left by strangers: I found it overall, to be interesting what people chose to submit
    Inspiration you get from this mixed media art: It looks cool, not much else, to be honest

  15. My favorite page in the sketchbook was of a bunch of tiny blue faces and a yellow heart. It was really simple, but really well done. I also liked the one that is a photo of clouds, with the opposite page painted with clouds. It was amazing to see all of the different styles of art – the painting, drawing with pens or pencils, crayon and collage. I enjoyed looking at the different languages, and wondering where each person had drawn from, if they did not say.

  16. I really liked looking through these journals. I like that you can choose what to express and how much to reveal about yourself, and then pass it on to a complete stranger. It was interesting seeing the ways that people portray themselves through art. I think I liked the collages and the sketches the best, but I also thought the journal entries were fascinating, even though I felt a little weird reading someone’s private thoughts. I think this would be an interesting project to be a part of.

  17. The journals were very interesting. I only had a problem when somebody only wrote on the pages, instead of drawing. I really liked it when there was both background paint and a photograph as the main subject. It seemed as if some pages started to copy, or borrow ideas, from previous pages. This did help make the book have a certain flow to it, but it seemed to block some people’s creativity and originality.

  18. Every page in the journals I reviewed was so interesting at some level – even if I was not attracted to it, I tried to be the person who did it, to feel what was happening for them. Yotem is right about some of the work being reactions to what was done before them…and that some of the journals had similar looks. I also liked the variety of covers on the books. However, what I enjoyed the most was the actual concept, that you did a page and left it for the next person anywhere, or you purposely gave it to a complete stranger chosen for whatever reason. Got my attention on more levels than I thought…beyond what I saw, it provided various interpretations and imagined personas for the creators. Made me think! Totally engaging!

  19. I thought this was actually really interesting. I mean if you think about it, a lot of people journal everyday, but another way to express the day you had or how you feel, you can create a visual…(which may even work better for those who aren’t really good at writing about these kinds of things). Especially because you can interpret a piece of art a lot more than just words on a page (you also have more freedom to experiment).

    This was the first journal page that popped up and it caught my eye. I think I admire the simplicity on the left side..also it’s nice that the artist used such earthy colors to match what seems to be an earthy subject (the hand).

    I have to say I enjoyed the pages with minimal writing the most because I wasn’t trying to read the text. (I felt the text was a little distracting at times, but at other times, it was complementing…so it just depended.) Some of the pages reminded me of my little doodles in my notebooks from when I was taking lecture notes or something..but I don’t know, I think it’s a pretty creative concept–1001 journals.

  20. I really liked these journal, mostly because it seemed to me that they weren’t attempting to impress people or create specific messages for others to enjoy, but rather, it was just what they were thinking at the moment. The random little doodles and varying degrees of text come together in different ways, some that have a bigger message, but some which might just mean something to the artist. It was definitely interesting to see these after the art shows, as they are really different kinds of projects. It would be really interesting to participate in one of these.

  21. A lot of the journals showed great creativity in both artistic and writing styles, and many had both. One thing I noticed though was a great deal of very depressing things written down about all sorts of things, including our government. That’s why I think that little projects like this encourage dissent and should be better censored or even banned.

  22. The more colorful journals appealed to me more. Several of them had more subjective styles, but others were abstracted. All of them, however, showed artistic talent. I didn’t like the ones that used more text over imagery. The text probably had meaning to the artist, but the color inspired more emotion. Knowing that all of the journals came from different people was a highlt interesting experience.

  23. This reminded me a lot of PostSecret because it gives you just a glimpse of people’s innner most thoughts that they have only conveyed through these means. These are things that are highly personal and show the artistic and creative side of strangers. Some of them seemed like they were just doodles– I love how those are so effortless and probably done while the writer was half distracted. It’s a nice change from how deliberate art usually is.

  24. It was neat to see all the different picture people had. Although a lot of them looked the same to me stylistically but what do you expect? it is entirely doodles. I did however like the diversity in ideas and subject matter something I do not think you could achieve through an art composition because people would vie for good not original.

  25. nathannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn on said:

    there are t hings like this in the past that i[‘ve seen, and almost like the where is george thingy for the dollar bills. i liked the more colorful journals. one thing i wonder, if you left a journal with the page in front saying, on your page, have it be inspired by the one before it. and the first one would have a certain meaning for the person, and like sarah’s comment it would be returned, it would be a gigantic game of art telephone

  26. I liked the one about smiley faces because I thought it was really cute and genuinely looked like it was from the heart 🙂 I felt kind of nosy when you think about “looking into the personal thoughts left by strangers” haha but it was very interesting to see and read what people thought on a daily basis or what they thought and drew when their minds wandered off. Some of the poems are really sweet as well. Cant wait to draw my own 🙂

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