Art 1 – for 5/14


Watch this award winning film short titled Art Appreciation and consider the ideas presented.

What makes something art?

What is art?

What is good art?

What makes meaning in art?

Who makes the meaning, the artist or the viewer?

In your comments, consider at least 3 of these questions.

In your sketchbook, 1 hour on a “meaningful” drawing, collage, or mixed media.


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  1. What makes something art? Something that isn’t taken literally.
    What is art? A symbolic expression of the artist’s thoughts. Life manifested. An experiential interpretation of reality.
    What is good art? Feeling and emotion and being able to notice it within you.
    What makes meaning in art? Appreciating subtleties and being able to look at it from a different perspective
    Who makes the meaning, the artist or the viewer? Both. It’s like a game, the artist does a picture which has a message behind it and it’s the viewers job to try and figure it out. If they figure it out, they win 🙂

  2. Good art i makes you feel something inside. It may not be a good feeling, but if it moves you, it is good art. The meaning in art comes from what the viewer feels, what they are currently going though in their lives. The artist may have had an intentioned meaning, but that is not the true meaning. The viewer definitely makes the meaning as he/she sees what they want to in the piece.

  3. I think that art is anything that expresses a human emotion that is not outrightly stated. Somebody once told me that art was special because the artist could intend for a piece to mean one thing, and then a person could take it to mean for it to be something else entirely. I think that’s kind of cool but kind of odd at the same time. good art is anything that makes a person think–that, for whatever reason, makes a person feel a certain way. Art isn’t junk because somebody saw value in it, even if it doesn’t make sense for all of us. Art often doesn’t make sense, it’s intuitive, and that’s really great.

  4. I think the definition of art can be very broad: it can be something aesthetically pleasing, or even just something that catches your attention and makes you stop and look at it. There are plenty of things that can be called “art” without necessarily being good art. Good art makes you feel or think something, or changes your opinion. It expresses an emotion, even though it’s sometimes hard to tell what the artist is trying to say. I think that the viewer makes the meaning in art. Different things appeal to different people, and people associate things differently. In art, you can see what you want to see.

  5. Art is a way of expressing an object, place, or emotion. Art can be almost anything. It could be a single green leaf on a sidewalk surrounded by dry brown ones, or it could be a famous painting from thousands of years ago. Nothing can be categorized as good art or bad art, everyone just has their own opinions about it. Meaningful art is simply something that has an affect on how a person feels or thinks about the artwork in question. The artist could try to make art have meaning, but every viewer sees it a different way, so I think that the viewer makes the meaning.

  6. I think making the drawings/paintings look real, having suiting colors for the emotions in the painting, and having a clear emotion are all very important when it comes to art. When i see a cool dominant painting with a clearly sad emotion, its very effective to me. Of course, the paintings should also look real, and not like a third grader painted them.

  7. Art is anything that a person makes and likes the way it looks. Good art is anything that the artist is happy with and looks good to the viewers. The artist can try to convey meaning in his or her works, but the viewer ultimately decides what the art means to them.

  8. Art can really be anything. As long as it gives the viewer emotion and makes them think, it can be classified as art. “Good” art is subjective, but I think that for it to be “good”, it has to convey emotion or a story, and it must be visually interesting (unless it’s music). For some people, a painting of flowers is “good” art, and for others, a bunch of cut up paper glued together is “good” art. I think both the artist and the viewer make the piece of art have meaning. Not everyone sees a piece of art in the same way, so even if the artist has a specific idea associated with the art, someone else might think of it differently. It all depends on how the person sees the world and how they chose to interpret things.

  9. i don’t know. i guess art can’t be generalized. If the artist thinks their work is ‘art’ then it is art, to them. If a bunch of people think that one painting is art, but somebody else doesn’t, then it isn’t art to that one person. i don’t mean to sound all philosophical or pretentious or anything…

    But again, i don’t think good art can be generalized either. You can say that a particular work is POPULAR, but that may not make it ‘good’ for all the viewers. That is decided by the individual. IT’s SUBJECTIVE!

    Idont know what makes meaning in art…
    Well the artist and viewer interpret their own meaning…

  10. I think that art is anything that has more than one meaning. It allows the creator and the viewer to ponder why it’s been created, usually coming up with different answers. The artist most definitely puts a certain meaning into their work, it’s just not guaranteed that anyone else will see it that way. But to me, good art is something that makes the viewer think. And the best part is when the same person can see a piece of art, and then after some time has passed see it again, and feel completely different toward it. It adds this special, entirely unique component to looking at art, which is innately beautiful.

  11. Art is anything that expresses someone’s emotion, imagination, and/or creativity. Good art should make people connect to it and feel something. It should successfully convey an emotion, thought, or story. Good at is usually intriguing and draws people in whether it is visually appealing or just conveys a message really well. I think the artist will make a certain meaning for the art that reflects what they’re thinking or feeling, but each viewer will make their own meaning for the art and how the art affects the viewers gives the art meaning as well as the artist’s intentions.

  12. Art can be anything that conveys an emotion to its onlooker. I believe that what makes an art piece “good” is the thought, feelings, and inspiration behind it. For example, an artist could paint a tree but to make it “good” the tree needs life, feeling, time, and artistic flare. Personally, good art gives me “tingles” and it makes me really think about its true meaning and inspiration.

  13. I think art is when someone takes an idea in their mind and recreates it in a somewhat more tangible way. This is true in pencil to paper art, dance, theater, poetry, ceramics, etc..I think something is good art when it appeals to the viewer and they can understand the meaning or when it makes the viewer really ponder the meaning of the art. I think that the artist can try to create a meaning or mood in the painting but ultimately the viewer is the one who interprets the art and decides how it makes them feel. That is why it is very uncommon for there to be pieces of art with non-debatable meanings.

  14. Art can really be anything with some sort of feeling or emotion to it, but good art really depends on someone’s point of view. Good art should resonate with someone in someway, and to be able to do that, there should be skill behind it. Both the artist and the viewer make the meaning in art. An artist could have a specific meaning they want a piece to have, but for whatever reason, the v

    • (my comment got posted on accident) the viewer could see something totally different that impacts them in a unique way. We tend to categorize art as visual, such as painting or drawing, but it can really be anything, such as dance, music, or just a scene in nature.

  15. What makes something art?

    Art is something which is either intended to be interesting to a viewer, or something that creates a discussion for the viewer, whether that’s internal or external

    What is good art?

    Good art is art that makes a distinct impression on the viewer, or that creates a good discussion

    Who makes the meaning, the artist or the viewer?

    The viewer makes the meaning, but the artist certainly has a role in leading the discussion that takes place, sometimes more with some paintings than others.

  16. I have to say that was the most entertaining movie we have watched all year (despite less than amazing acting). It really makes relevant commentary on “abstract art”, which often though chalk full of meaning according to art critics, are nothing more than a tree made of paper. It seems modern “art” has seemed to lose any real meaning. Take Picasso’s “Guernica” which made relevant commentary on the German’s slaughter of innocents, but what relevant commentary can one make about anything with a paper tree.

  17. Expressing your experiences in the course of life, of daily life, in whatever you consider your ‘medium’ becomes an art form. So, in addition to visual art, music, and drama, you could include any sport expression, cooking, cleaning your space….it becomes something beautiful to the participant AND the viewer in a moment of time. i.e., ART. Good art is a relative interpretation by the viewer; it could seem ‘bad’ to another because the content expressed is not that person’s feeling or interpretation in the moment. Any meaning is derived from the experience of an interpretation of a reality even if it is not a literal expression. This leaves both the artist and the viewer ‘responsible’ for the meaning of the symbolic expression of an experience or thought form. Life itself is art and made more rich by being fully conscious of the experiences and events we all create.

  18. Art is a piece of work derived from someones own creativity and imagination. Good art should be meaningful and full of emotion. An artist gives meaning to his own work but this meaning may be interpreted different way’s by different people who view the piece and they are all equally correct.

  19. 1) Art is anything that evokes an emotion, or has an aesthetic value.
    2) Good art inspires the same emotion in all viewers, or makes viewers think about it.
    3) The artist decides the meaning that it has for them, but good art inspires an individual meaning for everyone.

  20. Art is something that someone interprets as art of makes to be artistic. art is relative to who is looking at the “art”.Good art is art that inspires more artistic feelings. meaning is when a person can find ideas that mean more than what colors, shapes or other is in that art. the viewer decides whether a piece is artistic or not.

  21. 1) art is anything that some one creates for the purpose of being beautiful. If someone draws a picture, or writes an opera it is beautiful, it doesn’t really serve any other purpose, but the beauty is it’s purpose.
    2) what is art though? really, the question is, what is beauty? beauty is not as easily defined. Beauty is that feeling you get when you see something meaningful, that delight you have from looking at a great photograph or enjoying a great song that holds your attention.
    3) art is meaningful when the viewer sees it as beautiful. but a person sees something as beautful not just because they attach meaning to it, the work of the artist allows the viewer to attach meaning to something, you can hear a bunch of noises and you could attach meaning to it, but a song writer puts them together so that a person can really see beauty.

  22. -Art is anything that someone creates for make things beautiful or make art from the new idea or something that creates a discussion for the viewer.
    -Good art is art that creates a good discussion, make viewers think about it or good explain.
    -Artist make the meaning in art, a lot of art has meaning, it’s depend on what you want to express them, and what is it focusing on. Art mean when people see it beautiful or the thing that people make it fascinatingly.

  23. What makes something art?
    art is anything that makes anyone who is viewing it think. art can be intentional, or not. if something makes someone think, its ar

    What is good art?
    good art is something that you saw, thought about, and then would take the time to a. look at aagain, or b. tell someone about because it stuck with you

    Who makes the meaning, the artist or the viewer?
    the artist can make a desired meaning taht he/she wishes to be portrayed, however the true “meaning” is different for everyone

  24. what makes something art? I think that anything with personal expression involved is art
    what is good art? makes you think, makes you feel something when you look at it
    who makes the meaning, the artist or the viewer? The artist can try to make the meaning, but the reality is, everyone will make their own based on that person’s personality, experiences, etc.

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