Art 1 – for 5/7 AND Art 2 & 3 for 5/3


Watch the two videos from the Upper School of the University School and the Eastern Pennsylvania High School art show. AND Read the article from an art show juror’s point of view (see link below videos.)  Comment on 3 artworks that you especially like from these videos and explain why.


List and explain the reasons for  3 criteria that you will use to judge the work when you go to the Santa Cruz County High School Art Show. (You will be picking a 1st, 2nd, 3rd Best of Show, any medium.)

An Art Show Juror’s point of view:


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  1. hey, so…I wanted to post this on the blog but i didnt really know where..I know his art is cliche in some ways, but I just love watching Bob Ross work..its almost like you can see the process f him moving into his art zone with his hilarious commentary its almost like he doesnt ealze how crazy he sounds..but like listen to how he describes the rocks and how he expresses virbally the emotion he wants to convey in the painting …idk..I just thought I would share this vid..

  2. Gads, I haven’t seen a Bob Ross ‘show’ in a long time! What a trip! Yet, if you actually DID follow along, just imagine what you could learn from him. Great idea Avi!
    Then, the posted videos are truly wonderful….so skillful yet emotionally engaging. Think I have some envy going and it makes me want to paint and draw all summer break if not sooner. I’m saving these links to help me remember to do and make better work.

  3. My Criteria are:
    – The piece utilizes space in an open, interesting, eye-catching way
    – It incorporates strong emotions and portrays them well
    – There is contrast between the shapes and forms of the piece

  4. Criteria:
    – moves you in some way, has a meaning
    – uses shading/color in an appealing way
    – is original

  5. Forgot to comment on works I liked: I liked the wolf out of smaller bones because it seems to represent the food chain in this top predator. It also cast a shadow on the wall which is cool because of the way predators stock up on prey as if a shadow, silently. I have never seen anything like this. i also like the ring of red pencils becuase of their spikey quality. the tips of color looks really neat. The last piece I found quite good was the hands all reaching for each other through ribbons. It represents the distance of these people and they seem to be being pulled apart. The shading is also really good to represent the 3-D effects, although it does remind me of Escher.

  6. Critera:
    Has meaning, isn’t abstract
    lovely colors that explode in beatifulness on the page.
    contrast in colors, but not so contrasty that it makes one’s eyes bleed

  7. wait wait i’m sorry i do like graphite drawings/paintings as well, color is not everything. another one might be i like it correct but it can be sketchy/loose

  8. Pieces:
    I liked the one where the girl has her hands up by her face. The Lighting is really provocative and the girls expression is captured perfectly.
    The picture of yellow flowers on a black background was really nice also. I liked the use of negative spaces and value.
    In the second video I think my favorite piece was the girl holding onto the cloth against the wind. The sense of motion and lighting are very atmospheric.

  9. In the first video I loved the sketch of the girl lying on her back (around 2:01) and of the hands (around 3:43). The former looks like it’s part of a story and the latter is so complex that I just couldn’t stop looking at it. In the second video I liked the painting of the forest in autumn (around 2:31) because I found the colors really beautiful.

    My criteria are:
    -Has a deeper meaning or a story
    -Interesting to look at (not just a still life of fruit or something like that)
    -Has vibrant colors (if it’s in color)

  10. Three pieces of art that stood out to me were:
    -The drawing of a woman’s back in pencil with three different views (or three different women)
    – What looks like a collage with the words “The Kingdom of God” written at the bottom
    – The photograph of a person standing next to four pairs of shoes

    My three criteria for judging would be:
    – Originality
    – Mechanical skill (shading, color, etc.)
    – Movement and space

  11. Things I really like:

    1. the graphite still life drawing in the first video at 0:40

    The dark and light are amazing, and i still didn’t get lost in the chaos of still lives lying there, on the on the other hand, it drags me to look around the entire art piece, and I can just keep looking at every details in them.

    2. the three naked women’s back in the first video at 1:37

    The shadow and high light’s changes still amazed me. Ant the piece itself is somehow fascinating to me, cause they’re not showing their faces, and they all have a slightly different gestures, and different hair style..all maybe they’re one person at several different angles or at some different moments. The piece really makes me to THINK through, and make me want to know more information about it.

    3. The girl wearing a dress in the sunshine (I think it’s photography, but i might be wrong) at 1:48

    The different contrast are really interesting. The color theme: green grass-reddish orange dress-beige sky; and also, she raises an angle of her dress, I don’t know if she’s like curtseying or anything..or just like running on the grass, that just gives me a really free and release feeling. But there’s fence in the sky, I don’t know if anybody else has any attention on the fence but it seems like it’s contradicting the free and wild tone. And that, just makes the whole photo in a weird harmony.

    My criteria are:

    1. Things like piece 2 i mentioned before,
    The piece that can fascinate, the piece that can drag me into the owner’s mind, i might know exactly what’s going through the painter’s brain, and we can construct a valuable story out of it.

    2. Unique
    Copying is no fun. I like being unique.

    3.Either really sad, or really happy
    I’m a pretty emotional person, so the drawing/painting/photo that can move me will be the best.

  12. In the first video I liked the three naked women with bar-codes on the back of their necks (1:37) and the one of the girl lying on her back staring up at the viewer (2:00). I liked the first piece because the dynamic space between the three women caught my eye and because it was a powerful statement about the objectification of women in modern-day society (at least that is how I interpreted it). I liked the second one because it conveys a very potent feeling of depression and hopelessness. Shading is also used very effectively.
    In the second video I liked the blurred, almost abstract painting of a person standing in front of a window (0:33) because of the contrast between the lights and darks in the picture and the movement and expression of the human form.

  13. Omg!! This is amazing!! I absolutely loved the graphite drawing of the girl and her sister…the way it conveyed emotion and depth was incredible. I also loved the Braid picture…it was almost like it had hidden meaning and once again, the depth and detail were just mind blowing. I also thought the oil freehand painting of the trees i the forest were really great, even though that particular artist took more of a common aproach, the way he used the color was amazing…also there was a portrait of a girl at one point…I think it was with acrylic because the actual texture seemed quite flat. But she gave the painting a really almost foggy and mystical feel..sumato or like spumato or something…anyways.. I have tried t before with acrylics to achieve that affect and it was really hard..i couldn’t do I have a respect for her work… I think My three criteria are going to be…
    1 Origionality and developed recognizable style
    2 conveying of some sort of message or emotion
    3 use of color to achieve depth or space…which in my opinion in someways might help convey an emotion or message.

  14. oh!!! and also…I forgot to say…I REALLY LOVE THE BATS or vases…idk what they were…but I would buy that one!!

  15. The tagged Dress at 52 seconds.
    -Avalon: I really like this because of the shadowing and use of drapery in the folds. The lighting is very nice and creative.
    -Ry: The light source adds depth to the dress, with the shadows creating diverse color use. The subject is also very unique, a dress full of tags and is not something one might find painted in any gallery.
    Syringe and Pills at 1:10
    -Avalon: I feel like this has a really powerful message, the subject matter being a syringe and pills with toy cows in them. The composition sends you across the piece and makes you think and the lighting is very dramatic, showing strong lights and darks.
    -Ry: the cows inside the genko pills are very interesting. it seems the syringe is full of these little cow pills, and i am curious if this is all photo shopped. I wonder what the message of this piece is?
    Vase at 2;24
    -Avalon: I can’t really tell what this is supposed to be but it’s very interesting. The top, I really like, looks like it’s fading into foam or sort of like a wasp nest or something which then fades into a more solid finish.
    -Ry: this piece feels organic, natural, sensual (Max). It is like a fungus, yet not. It is just pleasing to look at.

  16. The 3 pieces I liked:

    1. at 0:52, the dress with the price tags

    I like this one because of the very expressive lights and shadows. The dress itself is really detailed and practically life-like, and I love all the toned down, sort of dark colors used for the whole painting. It just seems like the dress has a story behind it, and is kind of mysterious. But I’m mostly drawn to it because of the contrast of dark and lights and shadows.

    2. at 1:37, the 3 girls with bar codes on their necks

    This one caught my attention not just because of the interesting shades of dark and lights on the bodies, but also how all 3 girls aren’t showing their faces. It makes for a very intense, sort of mysterious piece. And there’s a lot of emotion in it as well. It seems to be trying to send a message or some kind of meaning, and for some reason I get the impression that it’s trying to express distress, or dis comfort. Insecurity.

    3. at 0:34, the abstract painting of the girl (second video)

    I liked this one because of how abstract it is, but how you can tell what it is and get an impression of whats going on. The colors are very subtle and soft, and I like how they didn’t make the girl too…outlined or obvious. This makes it very…mysterious. I like when a painting isn’t obvious; you can’t really tell what it’s trying to emote.

    And for my criteria:
    1. It has to have very interesting contrast between lights and darks; good shadows.
    2. It has to be unique, unexpected, a new idea.
    3. it has to convey some type of emotion that’s either very clear, or slightly mysterious.

  17. I really like the painting of the dress with a bunch of tags on it, the drawing of the person made of newspaper prints, and the strange, really tall vases that have the rope around the tops of the necks. My three criteria for the art show are: it has to be individualistic, it should have a comprehensive message that makes you think, and it should portray emotion in the work.

  18. I really like the painting(Chris, David and Jake) in which a little girl in swimming suit looked down, i like the posture and i think the painting had more room to imagine. My three criteria will be:
    1. Devoted to life—-capture the negligible but profound moment in life
    2. Imagination—not cliche, and full of ideas…more important, give space for audience to think about
    3. Style—personal and consistent

  19. I had a very hard time choosing my favorites because I really liked everything done in graphite/pencil because of how the artist can truly express their style in a way unique to them. I particular I liked the still life that was in the first 30 seconds or so. unlike the others this still life was not realistic but instead show expression and true creativity by taking a unique sketching pattern and sticking with it.
    My Criteria:
    1: Expression – the artists ability to convey feeling and emotion through style and creativity
    2: Finesse – the look and stylistically consistency without being repetitive, redundant or boring
    3: Interest – how the artist not only distinguishes their art from others via subject manner, motion, lighting ect.

  20. I liked the one with a girl in three different poses in which all you can see is her back and her hand touching her hair that is differently put up every time. I think it was because it was black and white and (for me) it seemed to stand out. I really really loved the one with a girl sleeping. I liked the way it seemed as if it was kind of in 3D by having her hand really big since it seemed to be closest to the viewer, when you looked at it. I also liked how her hair was dark but when you look at her shirt or face, it’s a shade lighter. Like in a real picture you would take with a camera. Another one of my favorites was the painting of a little girl looking down at something. I liked it because it was just so realistic and colorful. In the article, I definitely agreed that artists do express their voice and passion by their artwork.
    My criteria would be:
    – Message given through the artwork and whether we understand it
    – Colors and whether it stands out
    – Imagination

  21. My criteria would be 1) interesting and original topic, 2) colors used or the way that different aspects the work stands out, 3) accuracy and proper proportion. All three of the works of art that I liked were in the first video. I liked the vases at .59 because of the colors, the vase at 2.22 because it looks like lace, and the scientific drawing of leaves at 3.03. I also liked the stormy sky and dry grass in the photograph at 5.02.

  22. The art, especially the art in the first video, was very different for me. I found most of the pieces to be pretty dark and slightly haunting, especially the distorted faces. While not my a style of art I particularly like, my three favorite pieces of art showed in the videos:

    1) At 3:44 in the first video, I thought it was really interesting the way the hands are all connected by ribbon, and there was something both powerful and disturbing about it.

    2) At 1:49 in the first video, I thought this was a really nice photo. I love the colors and the way the lighting brings warmth to the image.

    3) At 2:30 in the second video, I just loved this painting. The colors, the feel, and the overall simplicity of it made this piece very intriguing to me. The way the trees are lit and how bright it is makes it look almost magical.

    As for judging criteria, I think a winning piece would have to meet the following attributes:

    — Originality.
    (In my opinion, this can still be a popular theme, but something that shows a difference or presents an idea not seen in other works.)

    — Psychological impact.
    (I think that all really good art makes you think or brings some kind of emotion. It doesn’t have to be some sort of profound impact, but it should stir up some emotional reaction or memory.)

    — Artistic skill
    (The piece should show that a lot of effort was put into it, and that it is not sloppily or hastily done. The way the painting/drawing is created should speak to the psychological impact.)

  23. My favs are all photos: girl in the orange dress, circle of orange pencils, shack with storm clouds.
    The first one is just so pretty and nice to look at. i don’t know
    orange pencils are just cool. you’re like, “omigod thats crazy”
    The sky is really awesome in the last photo, with the sun breaking through in places.

    Bob Ross is my new favorite person in the world. I watched all of his videos that i could find after watching the one Avi posted. They are one of the best things i have ever seen. i swear.

    I can’t judge art. i’m sorry. For me i would just pick the one that i liked the most, and that might not even be same two days in a row.

  24. I would pick one that meant something to me, was interesting, and had attention to detail. My favorites are: The one of the flamingo i, because of the reflections in the water, the mosaic landscape, because it is a strange medium, and the one of the girl in the orange dress, because it is colorful and happy.

  25. Criteria:
    -Meaningfulness, not just a bunch of nonsensical lines stuck together in a horrible mess
    -Use of color/shading, where the colors make sense and fit together and aren’t just random
    -Creative style, not just artwork that looks like everyone else’s but something that stands out

    I actually really liked the tagged dress at 0:53, the use of light and contrast is really interesting. I’m not entirely sure why, but the drawing @ 2:03 catches my attention. The drawing @ 3:47 has good attention to detail and contrast.

  26. Criteria:
    -Conveys an emotion through subject and color choice
    -Skill level

    After watching the videos, three pieces stood out to me because of the reasons above. The first was the sculpture using the broken red colored pencils. The second was of the girl laying down(in the gold division). Lastly, I choose a photograph of a girl’s dress in the sunset.

  27. Works I liked:
    1. The dress with price tags on it at :53 in the first video. I love the contrasting shadows and the level of detail on the dress, especially the tattered ruffles. I also like how it has a haunting feel to it, and seems to have deeper meaning than just a dress.
    2. The reconstructed photo at :10 in the second video. I really like the idea of a fragmented photo- it adds meaning without overthinking it. This photo gave me the feeling of moving on, yet wanting to stay at the same time, and I liked the dark colors. I really want to try something out like this soon!
    3. The black and white photo at 1:23 in the second video. I love black and white photos in general, which let you pay more attention to the subject matter than the colors and appreciate contrasting tones. I like this photo because the bare feet next to all the untied shoes represent someone changing and becoming their own person, and leaving behind all that protected them before.

    To judge at the art show, my three criteria would be:
    1. Interest- the art has meaning or a story behind it
    2. Technical skill and use of color (not sure if I can smush those into one…)
    3. Originality- not a copy!

  28. I unfortunately didn’t pick any favorites from the second video, mainly because I didn’t feel like I could see them well enough. My first was the tagged dress at 0:53. The dress to me seems so realistic that when I saw it at first glance, I thought it was a photograph. I’m not sure what the tags are, most likely price tags. But whatever they were, the artist really seemed to want to make them contrast with the dress. The second thing I really liked was the sketch that looked from bottom up at the girl with curly hair (1:25). I thought the sketching was so well done, and not overdone, yet there was so much attention to detail. I didn’t notice it too much when I first watched the video, but it really started to catch my eye as I went through a couple more times. Then at 1:50 I really liked the photo (I think) of the girl in the dress. This is just really nice to look at with all of the bright colors.

    My criteria are:
    1. Care and attention to the piece. It’s important for me to know that this person is proud of their work
    2. Originality. I like to have my views changed, if a piece of art could do that, I’d be amazed
    3. Color and composition. I’m picky about where the main subject is on the page and which colors have been used to portray the overall feeling

  29. From the first video:
    At 0:52, the dress with the tags. I like the use of light and dark, the color scheme, and the attention to detail. I also like the subject matter; instead of just painting a pretty dress, the artist added some meaning with the price tags that can be interpreted in many different ways. At 2:00 the girl on her back, staring at the viewer. It proves that a fairly simple drawing that doesn’t resort to provocative tricks and shock value can still convey deep emotions.
    From the second video:
    At 0:33, the girl in the light. It’s very Impressionist, which I love. The colors and use of light and contrast made this one stand out to me.
    1.Color and use of light and dark, atmosphere
    2. Attempts to convey some kind of meaning and cause people to think or feel something
    3. Interesting to look at more than once (complex, even if it seems simple), holds the viewers attention

  30. Favorite pieces-
    1. black and white of the hardware tools in the first video. i really liked this one because you didn’t really know what you were seeing at first and i made you look and pay extra attention
    2. dress with the tags covering it. i liked this because of the shadows cast by the folds in the dress
    3. the syringe and cow pill picture. i liked this because of the powerful meaning and originality

    1. use of color- this includes black and white and color. if its not black and white i like when a piece has an inviting color scheme. if it is black and white, shading is very important
    2. artistic skill- the level of artistic skill is obviously important. this includes the quality of work and attention to detail
    3. originality- originality is important to me because seeing the same type of paintings redone over and over

  31. 3 pieces I like:
    -I like the one of the three women with the barcodes on their backs at 1:33 in the first video. I like the detail and shading in this, but mostly, the meaning behind it. This work could be interpreted in many ways. I think how it’s showing women as objects that can be bought portrays whatever meaning the artist was trying to get across.
    -I like the photo at 1:48 in the first video. I love how the setting sun is shining through the trees and through her flowing dress. It makes me think of a nice summer evening. The youthfulness of this photo is also appealing–how the girl seems to be twirling and running around in a field.
    -I like the painting in the second video at 2:30 of the trees because I really like the the colors and all the shades of yellow and orange. It kind of looks like there would be a golden sun shining down on these trees

    3 criteria:
    -the meaning behind it
    -visual appeal

  32. My favorite pieces:
    1. I really liked the drawing of the girl in the first video at 2:01. It caught my eye because it was the top view and the girl was upside down. I also mesmerized at how realistic it looked (especially the hair.)
    2. Another one I enjoyed looking at was the piece shown at 1:51 of the first video. it was very aesthetically pleasing. The color scheme was perfect for the subject and it looks as if it is a photograph (maybe it is, but I don’t think so.)
    3. From the second video, I liked the painting of the flowers at 0:18. It was bright and eye catching which I think is important when creating art. However, I was bummed I couldn’t see the entire work because it was only there for about 3 seconds. Also, I guess this doesn’t really have to do much with this, but I think the second video should have showcased the art more than the artists because I couldn’t really see what they created, and I find that crucial. Anyway, that’s just my opinion.

    1. Creativity/Originality: For me I am usually attracted to art works that are unique. I think it’s important to be able to put your personality, culture, and skill to create something that may be VERY different, but experimental. I mean, I get sick of looking at the same style or subject over and over again.
    2. Theme/Message: I think it’s extremely important that an artwork “speaks” to the viewer. What’s the point otherwise? I mean when I look at a painting, it usually sparks questions that I ask myself and/or stories that might relate. All other arts forms: dancing, singing, acting…they all promote a message by using details and technique and I don’t think visual art is any different in that matter.
    3. Technique/skill: This is kind of a picky one, but I think the art should show some proficiency of the artist. This category also includes attention to detail, movement of the piece, color choices, etc. I don’t think only professionals can make “good” art, but I do think that it’s more than just scribbling on a piece of paper.

  33. Favorite pieces:
    1. The painting of the dress at :56 in the first video. I liked that it had a lot of connotational meaning and also the technique used.
    2. The drawing of the hands and ribbons at 3:46 in the first video. It was extremely intricate and the hands seemed to be reaching for something which was cool.
    3. I really liked the photograph set from the second video at :08 because of how everything fit together and the whole color scheme.

    1. Theme/bigger picture/meaning: I think it’s really important to have this, to make a viewer think about a piece after they walk away from it.
    2. Use of technique: to properly convey a message you have to have some mastery of technique obviously.
    3. Originality: it’s so hard to make something original and if you can really do that, it’s definitely a good thing.

  34. I really liked the black and white drawings of people done by one of the artists I couldn’t figure out the name of, because they were really well proportioned and a statue made of bones of a cow were really interesting.

    1. The art is a representation of something, no abstract.
    2. The art shows space and proportion.
    3. The art shows light and shadows

  35. criteria: 1) Makes me feel something, be it happy sad or aw-struck.
    2) Uses colors that might not usually go to with each other.
    3) If its meant to be realistic than it needs to be realist, if its meant to be abstract that it needs to have a big emotional impact.

  36. Favorites: the drawing that was around 2 minutes in was very good, next the picture that was around half a min into the second video, and lastly the tools in back and white. They first one I like because of just how realistic it is, the second one is the one with the girl standing in the light, and I just really love the impact that the contrasting color has. The last one i thought was just very unique, it was hard to even tell what I was seeing at first but than your eyes focus and its kind of a shock even though there just tools.

  37. Pieces that I found interesting:

    The piece introduced at 0:26 of the first video (it may very well be the first piece), I found the use of color to be quite interesting, specifically the use of brighter colors on a brown/duller background.

    The piece that was made out of red colored pencils that was introduced at around 3:28 of the first video, I really like the visual textures which were created; in addition, I found the overall shape to be intriguing, although I don’t really know why.

    The third piece which I found interesting was the piece at 3:06 of the second video, I found the shading/use of dark space to be good.

    Criteria on which I would judge: For this, I don’t really think I’m going to use the criteria that I would if I was genuinely judging, so with that in mind —

    1) How actively it draws my attention (does it stand out, visually or otherwise?)
    2) Once it has my attention, do I notice cool stuff about it?
    3) Is it difficult for me to characterize what that cool stuff is?

  38. The first drawing that they showed that looked almost like a negative stood out to me.
    The colored pencil drawings, and the high contrast graphite ones also stood out.
    my criteria:
    1. Technical skill
    2. originality
    3. detail
    Those three are my criteria for judging.

  39. From the videos:
    I liked the very first painting on the first video, the painted blue hands feeding birds. I liked the tenderness that the scene implies, and the creativity the artist took when deciding to paint the hands blue and gold. I also liked that there were no defintie lines, everything was kind of smudgy. I also liked a close up painting of a guitar–I liked the warm tones and the detail of the guitar frets. I think the warm tones made the painting really nice–for me, it conveyed how people have their own personal relationshiops with music, and the fact that the artist left out the players face shows that music is more about what you do–not what you look like. There was also a really cool piece with a boy whose mohawk was made out of mechanics pieces . I just liked the creativity with that one.
    1) creativity( Did the artist take risks with color, lines, space, or shape?)
    2) Originality (Is it different than other things I’ve seen?)
    3) Theme (What does the theme imply? Is it strong? Would it affect me or others personally?)

  40. my three favorites happened to all be from the first video. the first one i liked appeared at 1:22, it was a picture of a girl with a stressed look on her face with her hands holding ether side of it. the reason i like this picture was the framing, the emotion of it, and the shading. the second art peace i liked was appeared at 1:37 and it was a picture of 3 girls naked with there backs to us.I thought it was just a beautiful peace with a lot of emotion and forethought. the third peace i like which i think was my favorite occurred at 3:10 and it was a picture with a picture inside it and what looked to be a rib cage on the far right and writing going behind it. i don’t exactly know why it was my favorite peace but it spoke to me like no other liked the emotion it portrayed. it was the one i based my sketch book off.

  41. From the videos:
    I like the piece in the first video at 1:37. To me it is very relatable and a powerful social/political statement. Also from that video, I liked 2:09 because the perspective was interesting. In the second video, I like the piece at :32 because of the colors and its whimsical feeling.

    My criteria:
    1) Point of view. That quality in a piece that makes you pause and think.
    2)Technical Skill
    3) Evidence of intention and thought behind the piece.

  42. what i will judge on, is 1. does it make me not want to look away 2. does it make me think 3. would i be willing to pay for it.
    from the video i liked the bar codes on their backs, it shows how society has us naked and labeled
    i also like the guy, who through the glasses is small, resembling how society makes us minescule and feel insignificant. and the flamingo sinking in the rising water resembles being drowned by the noise and ideals not held by a person but by society.

  43. my favorite ;
    I liked the artwork at 2.51 because the idea of this to draw a person and use news be blackground. the second one at 3.25 i really like this one because the style and technique used is look doesn’t same as other. And the last one at 5.27 : this one is swan on the river , the color of this picture, technique used and view of this one is really interested me.

    1) the emotion, makes me feel sad, happy or anything
    2) Technical skill
    3) theme/meaning

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