Art 1 – 4/30


Go to the following website.

Google Art Project

Click on the upper left “Collections”. Choose any museum to “visit.”

Take your time and look at many works in the museum or collection, as if you are actually touring the site.

Post comments about 3 different works in the collection that make an impression on you.

Explain why each made an impact: consider both the visual aspects and the ideas communicated by the art.

For sketchbook, do an hour drawing in response to something you saw in the collection.


29 responses »

  1. I looked at the Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University, and I liked the drawing High Tide by Winslow Homer becuase it reminded me of going to the beach and getting soaking wet. I also liked the fact that it was black and white becuase it gives it a sort of reminiscent feel. I also liked the painting Good Shepherd byHenry Ossawa Tanner becuase of the hazy colors. It really conveyes the idea of dusk, which I think is really cool. the third work that made an impression on me was Calm Before the Storm by Nikolai Dobovskoi. Even though it seems to be an overdone subject, I like his use of reflaction in the water and the way the clouds hang ominously over the lake in a view humans do not normally witness. It is a cool new perspective.

  2. I looked at the Benaki Museum of Greek Civilization. I thought that the gold statue of Aphrodite was amazingly detailed and well proportioned for an object made between BC 125 and BC 100. The face of Aphrodite has the same sort of smile as the Mona Lisa does, and that intrigued me. I also liked the coin with Justinian I on it. The image is hard to see, but it is interesting how hand made and uneven the coin looks, compared to all of the identical quarters and such that we use today. The panel of a wooden chest was interesting, because it was a completely different style than that of greek art that you usually see. I like what appears to be a two-headed duck with talons front and center on the chest. The curled vines and flowers that surround it take up space, making the chest horror vacui style.

  3. I “visited” the Brooklyn Museum. And I was really interested in the Shrine In Form of a Gothic Temple because it seems that it’s the type of artwork that you could stay looking at for hours and notice different details every time. I really liked the Rolling pin. It also makes you see it differently every time you look at it. For example, in one way you can see the flow of the painting going to right but then you can also see it going towards the left. I feel the ideas that are being communicated through the painting is: imagination and keeping an open mind. I loved the Prairie on Fire! As soon as you look at it, the painting seems to tell a story. And the ideas communicated are that your mind is supposed to fill in the blanks on what happened before and after this scene in the story. Great trip to the museum 🙂

  4. Susanna and Barb, my computer wouldn’t let me click anything so I am kind of confused on what to do now. I’ll talk to you in class tomorrow.

  5. I looked at The Art Institute of Chicago. Edgar Degas has been my favorite artist for a long time, so of course I enjoyed Ballet at the Paris Opera. I love everything Degas does, particularly his color schemes and choice of subject matter. I am definitely not a dancer, but I think ballet is really beautiful. I like how his paintings are realistic without using hard lines.
    I loved Arrival of the Normandy Train, Gare Saint-Lazare, by Claude Monet. I like the colors and the atmosphere that they create. I think I just like Impressionism in general, how something can be indistinct but still have hidden details and a sense of mood.
    I also like Nocturne: Blue and Gold–Southampton Water. I like the complementary colors. This color scheme is very similar to the other two paintings–dark blues with hints of red and orange–and it was the first thing that caught my eye. It seems very simple at first, but when you look at the painting closely you see that it was painted in a very specific way to invoke a certain mood. I like how hazy and foggy everything looks.

  6. I looked at The Art Institute of Chicago. Vincent Van Gogh’s “The Bedroom” made an impression on me, mostly because of the skewed proportions. The whole painting has this “off” feel about it that makes it interesting to look at and think about. I also really like his use of bold contrasting colors, especially the red blanket and green window. I also thought the painting “Paris Street; Rainy Day” by Gustave Caillebotte was interesting, mostly because of the wet pavement. I’ve never been able to successfully make an object look wet in a drawing or painting, and I admire any artist that’s able to, because it’s a lot more difficult than it looks! The last painting I saw was one called “Cliff Walk at Pourville” by Monet. I really like Monet’s style in general – he blends the whole painting together yet makes things stand out by using contrasting pastel colors. I also like how relaxed and effortless all his works look.

  7. I took a look at the Art Institute of Chicago’s collections. I particularly like the Portrait of Emperor Hadrian. I’ve always been fascinated by ancient history and artwork from those periods. The incredibly lifelike qualities of the emperor’s face and his expression resonate for me personally. I’m not quite sure why. I was drawn to Rinaldo Enchanted by Armida by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. I really love how the colors really stand out and how vibrant the blues and reds are. There really is something enchanting about the painting and the subtle details really give a different dimension to the piece. The artist put so much care and detail into the painting that the more you look at it the more you notice and just continues to add to the experience. It almost reminds me of the opera Carmen, since the woman I assume is Armida seems to be seducing or enticing whom I assume is Rinaldo. The third piece that really caught my eye was the Seated Woman with a Parasol by Georges Seurat. I’m honestly not totally sure why I love the drawing so much, but there’s something mysterious, intriguing, and film noir-esque about it. It’s almost like the woman is shrouded with fog, looking out a train window or something. I love Seurat in general, but I haven’t seen much of his works in mediums other than paint. I really enjoyed this assignment overall.

  8. I chose to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art in Australia.
    I was immediately drawn to the sculpture called Mountains, Valleys, Caves by James Angus. It is a spiked surface and I appreciate its abstract nature.
    Neon Light Installations by Peter Kennedy has pretty lights.
    Goat Odyssey by Hayden Fowler: I was immediately goat. I can’t see any of Fowler’s symbolism, though. It just looks like a goat that is about to stick his head into a fan.

  9. I chose to visit the National Museum in Delhi. I looked at a painting called “Radha and Krishna and the Boat of love,’ by an unknown artist. What I really liked about this work of art is the contrasting colors the artist used–for everything they painted blue, they had a orange/peach counterpart. For everything they painted purple, they had a yellow/gold counterpart. The two other paintings I looked at in the collection impressed me with their blending and layering of colors–you could tell the artist put down a layer of gray, pink, and maybe a contrasting color like orange before they put down the final layer of blue to create their river–which had a very beautiful, soft affect. The ideas that were communicated were stories. I didn’t know the background for any of the paintings, but you could tell the artist intended them to be viewed as a story–with a lot of emphasis on the protagonist, and the setting being added to tell the story.

  10. i looked at the Albertina, Vienna museum. the first piece i liked was Dead Blue Roller by Albrecht Dürer. It was a very colorful picture of a dead bird, but it wasn’t gory or anything, it was pretty. i liked the medium as well– water color. the second art piece i liked was a self portrait by Hendrick Goltzius. it was funny because he had this outrageous mustache and a very imperious expression. it was almost like he was about to give you a what-for. the last one i liked was View Of Arkona With Rising Moon by Caspar David Friedrich. it was a very beautiful picture of a sunset on a rocky beach and a washed up canoe or something. the cool thing about it though was that it was all monochrome brown-tan color, like sepia and extremely detailed. It was also entirely done by pencil, which is my favorite thing to use.

  11. I went to the National Museum, Delhi for this assignment. I was attracted to it because it I didn’t really know anything about museums in India, so I thought why not check it out. As I looked through the different works, I noticed a lot of religious sculptures/relics, and a few paintings. It was very interesting that most, if not all, had unknown artists.
    My favorite was probably “Radha and Krishna in the Boat of Love” because of the beautiful color scheme, and the fact that it looks so simple, despite the tedious detail. Another one I really liked was “Qanat (Tent) Panel”. I’m a fan of “textiles” and I loved the pattern and the close attention to detail. I don’t think I’d have the patience to do all that by hand. A third work I liked was “Raghuraj Singh Hunting Tigers Datia.” For some reason elephants interest me. Maybe it’s because I went on an elephant safari went I was younger, but I just really LOVE elephants. I like how the photo is not realistic, yet it’s intriguing. I didn’t even notice that there were soldiers killing the tigers, until I really paid attention and look at it for a while.
    Anyway, I really liked browsing through the different museums and I’m glad that I was able to find something that I could relate to culturally. It’s funny because I didn’t really know very much about Indian art (because most of the time we pay more attention to European artists), but I suppose there is a lot to learn from it.

  12. One collection I found particularly interesting was the Palace of Versailles collection, which contained many examples of excellent portratiure and still lives all extremely decadent in Ancien Regime style. Two other collections i found particularly interesting was the Russian museum of art and Qartar Islamic Art museum. I noticed a very big difference between the anonymous multimedia art styles Muslim caliphates and Ottoman Sultanates and the more individualist, and less pious art styles of Europe.

  13. First of all, I like “Rocky Mountain Landscape” by Albert Bierstadt because it is such a large area that is painted and the colors, although dull, stand out. Also “Sweetsop” by Agostinho da Motta because of the blending opposite colors so seamlessly, and the simpleness of the painting. Also “Tea Leaf Jar” by Studio of Ninsei because it is a painting on a three dimensional surface.

  14. I chose to visit the Pinacoteca do Estado de Sau Paulo (Galley of the State of Sau Paulo). I chose to view this virtual gallery because of my interest in brazilian culture and I liked the types of paintings in this gallery. There was a nice mixture of oil portraits, landscapes, still lifes and portrayals of daily life. The first piece that stood out to me was Estevao Silva’s 1889 still life with the lemons and flowers. The purple in the flowers and yellow from the lemons really look nice because they are complementary colors. The second piece that caught my eye was Women of Tangier by Dario Villares Barbosa. I like the feeling I get when I see this picture. I also like the really deep red that makes up the background. The third piece I noticed was Seascape, Guaruja by Almeida Junior. I like this one because it really looks like somewhere I would love to go. You can also see the complement between the orangey sand and the blue water.

  15. I really liked the painting “View of the chateau de fontainebleau” by Pierre-Denis Martin. I liked this painting because it shows such a large area with so much detail. Ate first glance you just see a city, but as you look closer you can see trees, animals, houses, and people. I also looked at “Court Jester” by Roland Paris. I thought this painting was very interesting and really caught my eye with the use of bright colors. The third painting I looked at was “California Spring” by Albert Bierstadt. I really enjoyed his use of cool colors in the landscape. I also liked how he made the weather seem stormy, but you could still see the sun through the clouds.

  16. From Musée D’Orsay, At The New Circus, Papa Chrysanthemum by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec stood out to me because I really like stained glass and I was trying to figure out what was going on in it. I love the colors in it and how they blend. Millet’s The Angelous reflects the dreariness and darkness of life as a peasant in the 19th century especially with the dead, messed up crops in the front. I also really like Louis Comfort Tiffany’s Autumn Landscape window in the Metropolitan Museum. The colors and details are beautiful. Triumphal Entry Of Henri IV In Paris by Rubens Pieter Paul in the Uffizi Gallery interested me because of the way the king is portrayed. Paul portrayed him as god-like, rich, militaristic, and powerful–as an ideal absolute ruler. I also really like the portraits of kings in the Palace of Versailles collection. I laugh every time I see that one of Louis XIV.

  17. aaah so it took me forever just to find one that i liked. Its called Tate Britain. Some of the paintings are awful. They are just boring paintings of people like in most of the other museums. But a lot of them are awesome. Like “Deer And Deer Hounds In A Mountain Torrent”, “Chaos”, “An Avalanche in the Alps”, “The Great Day of His Wrath”, “The Battle of the Nile”, “A Disaster at Sea”, “The Last Judgement”, “Ancient Rome”, “Glacier of Rosenlaui”, “Fisherman at Sea”, “Gordale Scar”, “The Plains of Heaven”, “Death on a Pale Horse”, “The Deluge”, “Vesuvius In Eruption”, “Meleager and Atalanta”, “The Thames above Waterloo Bridge” all of these are crazy. I love them.

    I think one large reason why i like these is that they have really vivid contrasts between light and dark and usually there are great contrasts between the temperature of the colors. Also i like the sort of grand, other worldly aspect that many of the paintings have. Sometimes this is expressed clearly, through things like heaven or hell, or more subtly through a nice nature scene. So that’s that.

  18. I looked at the Koninklijk Paleis museum in Asterdam. It mainly had statues that were about old
    Roman, Greek and biblical stories. They looked like the statues most of the super rich people (who had enough room to get those statues) would own so they could brag about own art.

    I liked Justice by Jurgen Ovens, The Incorruptible Consul Marcus Curius Dentatus by Ovaert Flinck and Quintus Fabius Maximus by Jan Lievens. I chose these because of there many colors. Almost all of them had blues, yellows and reds. That was a completely different look from the pale white that was on all of the sautes. I also liked how that paintings were compacted in a way that the people looked like they didn’t truly have enough room to move around. it was also a little bit cool that all of the paintings had famous historical figures.

  19. I looked at the the Brooklyn Museum. There was a lot of pottery, as well as statues.

    I liked “Pic-Nic” by Thomas Cole, because of the amazing amount of detail put into the piece and the soft pastel colors used to create a dream-like sort of look that really transported the viewer to that moment in time. I liked “Niagra” by Louis Rémy Mignot because of how beautiful and realistic it was, “The Outlier” by Frederic Sackrider Remington because it has a very distinctive and original style, and I love the use of color in the hills and the sky, as well as the clash between the Native
    American people and the Western settlers.

  20. one of my favoties is the wine bottle for sabath. i really liked it because it could be interpreted as much more than a wine bottle, the color is also one of my favorites, a green with a hint of blue. and the patterns were simply mezmerizing
    normally i wouldn’t like something like the memorial lamp, but for some reason it stuck out as beautiful. i think it was the smooth curved lines with no sharp edges
    lastly, i loved the hanakuh lamp. it was stunning in and of itself, but then when you figure in the bright blue glass cups, the color contrast was crazy and gave the peice a whole other dimension

  21. I chose to visit the Musee D’orsay. The first piece that stood out to me was Van Gogh’s Bedroom. Its use of vibrant colors stood out to me, and I also liked how there were paintings within the piece on the wall. The second piece that stood out to me was the Loings Canal. I liked the reflection the house made on the river.The light color scheme was also nice. The last piece that stood out to me was Poppy Field. I liked this because of the vibrant color of the flowers.

  22. The three pieces that I really enjoyed were Damier Et Cartes À Jouer (from the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra), Il Saltimbanco (from the Philadelphia Museum of Art), and Miniature Portrait Of Charles X (from The Royal Armoury of Sweden).
    I liked the scattered feeling that I got from Damier and in addition I really liked the use of color. Of the paintings that I viewed, Il Saltimbanco is probably my favorite. It seems like a really dark piece, and the way that the main figure is positioned is inherently uncomfortable and interesting. To be honest, I mostly chose the miniature portrait because I thought it was quite silly looking — basically, Charles X is a silly looking man, this is a silly looking portrait, and I enjoyed those things.

  23. I looked at three pieces in the art institute of Chicago. The first was “A sunday on la grande jatte” I liked the dulled colors and the complementary palette. the second one was the “croquet scene. It also had dulled colors with a bright foreground. The third was the Stamnos, a greek pot that had red-brown paint contrasting with a black background.

  24. I really liked a lot of the oil painting landscapes. The colors were vibrant, but not too bright. I liked these a lot more than the portraits or scenes. Miners in the sierras was one of my favorites. I also liked the statues. Angelica and Rogero Mount the HIppogryph was a really neat piece, it had so much action and the metals were really pretty. The pilgrims going to Mecca would have to be my favorite piece so far, though. The faces of the people show so much determination. The painting also explores a very interesting part of another culture, which is fascinating to me.

  25. I looked at the de Young museum because, if I wanted to, I could go see the collections in person easily.
    One piece I really loved was “Lady in Black with the Spanish Scarf” by Robert Henri. The woman looks very poised and elegant but there is some sadness in her eyes. I also love the red of her hair contrasting with the darkness of her dress and the background.
    Another piece I liked was “Le verre de porto” by John Singer Sargent. Again, I really like the colors. Also I like how it doesn’t looked posed. It’s more of a snap shot.
    Finally, I liked “Girl and Calf.” I thought the expression on the girl’s face was well done. She looks like she has lived, which I like.

  26. I looked at the work by a prafeti artist named Banksy. All or moost of his stuff is a combination of free hand and stensiling but most interesting are his pictures the cretique modern politics and other things of the like. My favorite peice is the picture of the starving African child starving while waering a McDonalds hat. It sends a very powerful idea. No one knows who he is but he has peices that have been identified as him all over the world.

  27. I looked at Dulwich Picture Gallery. I liked The les Plaisirs du Bal, A Woman playing a Clavichord and A Roman Road because all three are express that how is people lived and what is the activities in a day. The first one “the les Plaisirs du Bal” in the picture, it kind of in the palace and they are rich peoples.The third one ” A Roman Road” I like because it looks real and I like the colors. I like “A Woman playing a Clavichord” because I like the curtain pattern and the light in the room.

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