Art 3 – Critique 3/27


Look at the work at the non-objective designs at the following website and see it any of the designs have aesthetic appeal and try to figure out what attracts you the most and the least.  Which of the formal elements and principles are the most important for you?

Christopher Goodwin art

Read Malevich’s Suprematist Manifesto (midpage) and discuss it. What makes sense, what doesn’t.  Could you apply ideas like this to your abstractions?

Malevich’s Suprematism Manifesto


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  1. I THINK and FEEL like a lot of his verbal interpretation of what Malevich says he has done as a painter is overkill on the issue of artistic interpretation. It IS a positive that he CAN verbalize his ideas and explain his work. Personally, I like the artistic expressions of both artists and their work stands alone in terms of content; I really wouldn’t need the extensive verbal explanation given by Malevich about his work to appreciate the visual result. Both painters are well developed in skills and ideas, and, their work exudes emotional content. That is the best any painter can achieve.

  2. Christopher’s art is very aesthetically pleasing to me. I feel like I am more attracted to the ones with warmer colors and rounder shapes and angles with smooth gradations from red to yellow. It is especially aesthetically pleasing with the white backgrounds that have almost of a dusty or “stained” quality to them. The darker cooler toned paintings are also very interesting though very different. I feel as if the warmer pieces with whiter backgrounds leave less space for the viewers interpretation than the cooler ones are more filled with sharper angles and stuff that lead the eye more easily across the page.

  3. Ok first off, i find none of these aesthetically pleasing to me. some of them i can look at a go “oh wow i have some random idea of what this is a picture of” but most of the time i have no idea whats going on. the only one i really liked was well actually none of them. i can’t wrap my head around any of these paintings, the colours are annoying and the shapes make no sense. i don’t like abstract art…
    The other paintings by Malevich don’t work with me either,some of the colours are ok. abstractions are hard for me cause well i don’t know i can’t think of anything.nothing really makes sense, i mean i know kinda what hes trying to do but it doesn’t work for me.

  4. I didn’t particularly enjoy either of these artists the only piece i really liked was the Ill Be Good painting by Christopher. I likes it for its simplicity this is part of the reason i am so attracted pop art because it can be very simple but well done. I have a very hard time enjoying abstract paintings I’m not entirely sure why, the paintings just don’t . . . well how can i put this. . . . make me happy? I also didn’t really like the colors that were used they were too muted for me or the color combinations looked strange to me.

  5. Most of the images use repetition that attracts the viewer. In most images the colors and use of composition are a bit repulsive. The repetition of lines and shapes is however, one of the most important aesthetic appeals. The idea of abstract art seems like something that is difficult to put into writing, being an abstraction of something tangible to begin with. The idea of the desert was interesting however.

  6. I don’t really enjoy the art given to us in the first website. For me, when I do abstractions I enjoy filling them with light and dimensional color. The art of Christopher Goodwin doesn’t feel very dimensional to me. His style simply doesn’t attract me.
    I do, however, like Malevich’s idea that there should only be feeling in artwork. I have often felt that way, but I do not believe that one cannot use real objects to express pure feelings. I think that real objects can be used in those circumstances just as well.

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