Art 1 for 3/19


Arthur Dove

Read the article and view the paintings in the slide show at the top.

What is the most interesting historical fact to you about his life?

How would you describe his artistic philosophy? (Why did he paint the way he painted?)

From the slide show at the top of the article, which is your favorite work and why?  How does the description add to your appreciation of it?

In your sketchbook, spend an hour on some art that is inspired by Dove, either objective or non-objective, but certainly abstracted.


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  1. Like Klee, I feel like Dove uses natural themes by using earth tones and natural shapes. He had a piece that specifically reminded me of the ocean (ironically, he titled it Tree). I see how this work could have tied into his belief of the Bergson philosophies, because it does look very mystical. I think it’s interesting that he went to Cornell–he must have been a very intelligent man. I think he was analytical with his art but also, by using abstraction, tried to find ways to free himself from that.

  2. I find it interesting that the life stories of artists gernerally seem to be more interesting than other people I have learned about. I think Dove was fascinated by the complexity of nature and was trying to portray it at it’s simplest in order to understand it.

  3. > What is the most interesting historical fact to you about his life?
    It’s silly how he left his family for another artist.

    > How would you describe his artistic philosophy?
    He liked abstract art.

    >From the slide show at the top of the article, which is your favorite work and why? How does the description add to your appreciation of it?
    I like the goat because it’s a goat. The description doesn’t add anything because it’s already a goat.

  4. this artist shows how the things that don’t go together can go together in unusual ways. This is a type of abstract art that I have never scene before. Also dove is telling a story in each of his paintings and just like the art itself the stories are unusual too.

  5. The most interesting fact to me was that: “He was also frequently inspired by the parallel between the visual arts and music”. Looking at the slideshow, I wouldn’t have guessed this, but a crossover between visual art, and music is a very interesting idea. My favorite work from the slide show was the one of the boat, the lines in the sky made the work very visually appealing.

  6. I found it interesting how he left his wife and son for another artist and that he was influenced by Cubism, by the Expressionist work of Vasily Kandinsky, and by the writings of the French philosopher Henri Bergson. I would describe his artistic philosophy as mentioned in the article, “the importance of a mystical, rather than analytical, understanding of the world” which he picked up from Henri Bergson. My favorite painting was the one that looks like a boat with hills in the back. I like it because its the type of painting that makes you see something 100 ways! I see the boat and hills but I also see a seal, half of a heart and the sky. I appreciate his paintings because it gives me more of an imagination.

  7. I though the most interesting thing about Dove’s life was the style of his art. He was painting objects abstractly before that became popular, using a lot of curved lines. I would say that his painting style was more fantastical and flowing than the literal boats or barnyard animals that he actually painted from. My favorite slide is the picture with the sailboats on the lake, called Clouds and Water. I like the clouds and the different shades he paints them in, making the whole picture look almost like a stained-glass window.

  8. I guess what i found most interesting about his life was that he left his wife and kid. In the article they just mentioned it in passing, but it seems like a bigger thing than they made it out to be. Like, you’d have to be a jerk to do that unless the situation just really wasn’t working out.

    He relied heavily on this mystical/ abstract/ simplistic way of painting and viewing the world.

    I like Clouds and Water although it is a little bit too complicated for me. Also Cow is okay and Tree is okay, except i like the background more.

  9. I think it’s interesting that Dove kept a diary, in which he periodically wrote entries, detailing “his artistic goals alongside observations of the natural surroundings.” Dove’s works portrayed very real things, but took related concepts and combined the two. Dove seemed interested in portraying qualities of objects that aren’t necessarily seen right away. My favorite work of his is Portrait of Ralph Dusenberry. This multimedia painting appealed to me because, besides describing who Ralph was (which was explained by the description), it also shed some light into the personal life of Dove and his relationships with others.

  10. The most interesting fact I found about Arthur Dove was that he utilized abstract forms at such an early date. I would describe his artistic philosophy as mystical, as he was influenced by that french mystic dude. My favorite work of his is the Storm Clouds with the different bands of color.

  11. I like ‘Goat,’ because it is abstract, but objective at the same time. It doesn’t look like pencil.
    The most interesting historical fact about his life is that he lived on a houseboat and painted what he saw.
    He painted what he did because of his experience with nature.

  12. I think it is cool to know that some of his philosophy and work base comes from a writer as opposed to just all painter influences. The idea that Henri Bergson presents that he recognized is the importance of a mystical viewing of the world. I think this influences the abstract portrayals in Dove’s artwork. Its so cool that he kept writings of his artistic goals and his surroundings. I really like his work “Tree.” When I saw just the thumbnail it looked like geode crystal but I like the abstract idea of a tree.

  13. I found it interesting that Dove was the first American artist to use this style. I was surprised that I had never heard of him before now. Also, the fact that he lived on a houseboat is pretty cool. I think he tried to paint nature in new and innovative ways. it seems like he was trying to capture the feeling and essence of things rather than precisely what he saw.
    I really liked “Clouds and Water.” The different shades of the colors added a lot of richness and depth, and made it interesting to look at. I also liked “Tree,” even thought it reminds me more of an ocean creature than a tree.

  14. The most interesting historical facts are that he made abstract art at such an early date and how living on a houseboat inspired his art. His artistic philosophy is based on his interest in nature and its cycles, energy, spirits, and connections with music. My favorite piece is Clouds and Water because I really like how he painted the clouds and how he made it look windy with the curves as well as the coloration of the mountains.

  15. I think the most interesting fact about Arthur Dove was that, in 1921, he just left his family and moved into a houseboat with another artist. It was an interesting decision and definitely seemed to influence his art. His artistic philosophy can be summarized in this sentence: Dove directed himself to work at the “point where abstraction and reality meet.” Looking at his art, you can really tell that this is true. His pieces often have some realism interspersed with abstractedness. My favorite piece was “Clouds and Water” because of the way he captured the feeling of the ocean and the clouds but also added an abstract element by drawing so many lines. The lines and curves brought the painting to life.

  16. I thought this was interesting because he was basically who started this artistic/cultural movement and I always kind of appreciate trend starters. I really like how he is very interested in nature and how it all interconnects. And I enjoyed that he wanted to connect his art with music which isn’t something very common.
    My favorite work was the last one on the slideshow “Storm Cloud.” I really liked the simplicity and purple and green color scheme. As the description elaborates on the “eye” in the middle, I think that the eye is really what interested me in the piece.

  17. I thought it was interesting how Dove was the first American to have used nonrepresentational imagery in his works of art. I think his artistic philosophy was to capture the feeling or emotion associated with the subject matter, and not to just paint the subject matter itself. My favorite piece of his was “Clouds and Water”, which had the richest colors and was the most interesting to me. I like how he used lines and curves to distinguish the water from the land and the sky.

  18. I think its interesting that he left his wife and son for another woman, nicknamed Reds, which probably has something to do with the Russian Revolution, and I wonder why. It seems he painted the way he did because of his isolation. His reality was an unpleasant one, so abstraction reflecting that seemed the most appropriate. It’s also kind of cool that he worked so closely with Georgia O’Keeffe. I really like his piece “Storm Clouds” because there is what appears to be an eye in the center that watches the helpless creatures of earth as it ominously passes by. The description made me realize the color of earth tones that he used to draw it back to reality.

  19. What is the most interesting historical fact to you about his life?

    For me, the most interesting part about his life is how he used the confinement that came from his health troubles to experiment with different forms of art.

    How would you describe his artistic philosophy? (Why did he paint the way he painted?)

    I think he painted the way he painted because he enjoyed converting the natural world into a different format.

    From the slide show at the top of the article, which is your favorite work and why? How does the description add to your appreciation of it?

    My favorite work is “Cow’, for two reasons 1) it’s a cow and that’s awesome 2) I enjoy that, despite the abstraction, the form is still clearly supposed to be a cow and the abstract form actually enhances the piece. The description does help me make not of things I might not otherwise take note of.

  20. His art is really interesting, it’s obviously abstract but it’s so much that you can’t exactly tell what it is. What I thought was kind of clever was in his painting, ‘Storm,’ the center almost looks like a simplified eye, like the eye of a storm.

  21. I thought that the most interesting historical fact about his life was that when he went to France he got to work with artists such as Max Weber. I don’t know if it counts as a philosophy but I noticed that Dove seemed to create the most art after a difficult or challenging time in his life. My favorite piece of art was “Goat:. I liked the color Dove chose to use and how they flowed. I also like the balance between objectivity and non-objectivity.

  22. After reading the biography, I understood where he got his inspirations for his paintings. Some were of the ocean, indicating his time spent by the sea. While others were of barnyard animals and green plains, which summed up his time spent after he moved away form the ocean. I really like his paintings in general because they were a mixture of abstract and realistic drawings(My favorite was the one with the sea and boats).

  23. Dove did a lot of abstract art but the style of abstracts that he was doing use a lot is flowing gestural lines that make his art seem almost to mimic nature. It seeks odd that he would have left his family to chase another artist.

  24. while it is strange that he suddenly left his family, his art looks like it can be something different to anyone who saw it. so maybe his family saw one side of him that he saw in a style that was different. or he could have just not cared for his family as much as he thought he did.

  25. I can see the influence of John Marin and Georgia O’Keefe……interesting to me is the size of the pieces: the ones I enjoyed the most were also the smallest, like 5″ x 7″. That surprised me as I thought they were much larger when viewed in the slide show. Also surprising was that he was able to use different media: pastels, mixed, watercolor, quache, oil….yet all had a recognizable style typical of the ‘Dove look’. Diary, i really like that he did this and it is a good practice to know what you think and feel about anything. Same goes for sketchbooks!

  26. i find it interesting that he left his wife, with who he had a kid with, to marry another already married woman. he believes that all life the the cycles of life are connected and magical. my favorite painting of his is the one where the lines and different color barriers make up a scene of a sky, mountains, and an ocean with boats.
    ~Ramsey Kerr~

  27. I think that it is very interesting that he is considered to be the first American artist to create purely nonrepresentational art. It seems like his inspiration is nature and all landscapes. My favorite painting in the slideshow is clouds and water because it shows nature in an abstract way. The description of the painting makes me appreciate it more because his work was based off of a real landscape that he was looking at.

  28. I think the fact that he kept doing his art and experimenting with it even after his heart attack and after he was diagnosed with kidney disease is the most interesting aspect of his life. I find that kind of dedication admirable.
    I would say from the article and the slide show that he is very influenced by his surroundings and where he lived. That’s where he drew inspiration.
    While I can appreciate his work, it doesn’t fit my personal aesthetic taste. I would say my favorite in the slide show was “Sentimental Music” because it does remind me of jazz and the movement it has.

  29. I really liked that even after being diagnosed with kidney disease he continued to paint with the same passion, rather than give up. He was clearly influenced by the atmosphere in which he lived and abstractions. I’m not a massive fan of his paintings, but I am drawn to his “Portrait of Ralph Dusenberry”. It reminds me of Norman Rockwell and Americana, in a way.

  30. i find it really cool that he went to cornell, i had thought about going there
    i found his abstract but based in life paintings to be incredibly intreguing
    i liked the last picture because of the eye

  31. I enjoyed seeing his work. I liked how he used the color to create a texture that looked like something you could feel with your hand. I also enjoyed his more abstract touch to everything he made like the piece with the sea and the sail boats in the back ground

  32. i think it’s interesting that his story and they mentioned it in the passed. i like clouds and water the most because it represent the nature and all thinks in picture is related together. He did a lot of abstract art and he often use curve line. and draw the pictures look natural.

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