Art 2/3 for 3/15 Critique


Wayne Thiebaud

After watching this video on Wayne Thiebaud, what is his work ethic?

What does he say about light (the glimpse, gleam, and glow)?

Why does he look to art history?

Overall, what inspiration did you get from the man and his work?


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  1. I like his work ethic, I’m he’s happy going strong for being 80 something years old. the thing he said about light is that you should always keep it in mind and if you don’t go make to it and think about it you might bore people. The art history comment, he said that he liked looking at how others did artwork? that one somewhat confused me. the inspiration i got form this was that this guy finds inspiration all around him, and that is what i try to do as well. i the only thing or rather inspiration i got from him was to keep working.

  2. I find his work ethic very interesting and something I can learn from. What he says about how to pay attention to the light for paintings is really helpful, and I think it’s one of the things that makes his art dimensional and visually pleasing. He says he finds inspiration everywhere, which I think is why his work is so diverse and varied, which is a really good thing.

  3. After I watched this video, the best adjective I can find to describe Wayne Thiebaud and his work is “honest”. He is candid about what a painter does: “you get up and you work”. He neither romanticized his work nor made painting as an unapproachable artist thing; “Painting is human invention that reveals human consciousness.” His work ethic also reflected from the everyday objects he painted; donuts, lipsticks, shoes, cakes, landscape… Light, space, color should be operated to create 3D version on 2D paper. He attempted to make the light in his painting resemble to the real light in life. Thiebaud emphasized the importance of art history and contemporary artwork, because every piece art work is a unique human invention. And from the great painting, he is astonishing to find the time froze in a moment. When I visited Museum of Fine Art in Boston, there was an exhibition of Miller, who was famous painter known for picturing the daily life for farmers. I had the same feeling toward as Thiebaud was to his art work-time has been eternal. The greatest thing I learn from Thiebaud is to concentrate on life experience and if possible, to capture some transcendental moment from life.

    • Wonderful insights and connections you make, Siying. I love that through the daily discipline of intense observation and painting, he brings those transcendent moments to us from subjects like cakes and freeways.

  4. As the other students have mentioned above, Wayne has a very diligent work ethic. Somewhat similar to a businessperson, Thiebaud gets up everyday at a set time and goes to his studio where he produces art for a set amount of time, and that is his full day. Doing that day after day, I think, adds a mechanical element to his art. Usually when you watch or read about artists, they never mention having a set routine. You always get the impression that they work on their art when they feel inspired, but not every single day. Art, I feel, needs to be a little more at random. With all that said, I do admire his talent and his artistic technique, like the careful brush strokes and the realistic objects. The way he is careful to capture the exact light in his painting is something I aspire to do. To better his art, Wayne reflects on the art made in the past. From those paintings and artists, Thiebaud can broaden his techniques or improve on his own techniques with the help of other well-known artists from the past.

  5. His work ethic, as has already been stated, is unflagging. Just gotta get up and do it. Reminds me of going to school a bit.

    It’s fascinating how much thought and detail he puts into his paintings. He doesn’t just paint “light.” He paints three different kinds of light. I didn’t even know there were three different kinds of light like that. And he does it all for that amazing realism.

    What he said about art history was beautiful, not only in phrasing but also in ideas. Looking at a painting is like looking into a different world. “A frozen moment in eternal time.” I think this is actually what inspired me most. There are stories all around us, and if we don’t look now, they’ll be gone.

  6. His art is very straightforward. It is stark yet imaginative. His ethic is very happy and vibrant for a man as old as himself. His approach to light is fascinating, not just a “flat” layer of pain, but it really evokes dimension. Art history can inform any artist, especially when looked at as the history of a separate world, not just as a piece of history. I was personality inspired to take a more vibrant approach to things by his attitude and his art inspired me to explore art in more depth.

  7. I think his work ethic is very interesting, and I really like the way he says to pay attention to the lighting and always be thinking about the light. I think that’s a very useful thing to be paying attention to when one is painting. He said he could find inspiration anywhere, which is a good thing when creating art because your artwork is always varied and different.

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