Art 1 for 3/12


Watch both videos on Paul Klee with your full attention.

Comment on the effect his paintings had on your senses, feelings, and imagination?

What role did music play in supporting or counteracting the work in each video?

Even though many of his works have subject matter, what inspiration can you get from this for your non-objective abstractions that you are working on in-class?

In your sketchbook, spend an hour on some art that is inspired by Klee, either objective or non-objective, but certainly abstracted.


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  1. I feel like a lot of Klee’s work that didn’t have to do with subject matter focused on nature. That’s how I interpreted it, anyway. That could have been influenced by the music though( the beginning music on the first video sounded like meditation music). Even when he didn’t draw people in some of his paintings, I saw the outline of human form in his work (especially his convex/angled work). Very interesting and entertaining to look at–its fun to see all the different shapes you can get out of one work of art.

  2. The views of the pieces in the first video seemed to show the close-up colors and shapes, but after seeing the full view in the second video, I feel his work is better from a distance, where your eyes can sort of mix the color as opposed to big separate blocks of color, which I don’t particularly like. I feel like the more “epic” music in the first video doesn’t fit his art. I see it more as childish and less dramatic. I think he can inspire curves more and use of color in this project.

    • Interesting considerations you bring up. To top it off though, most of his works are very small, and are meant to be viewed close up. You can see them in the small gallery on the third floor at SFMOMA. I think many of the large scale modernist works of second half of 20th century have their roots in these small paintings.

  3. I think the music wasn’t necessary and didn’t really fit. I enjoyed the video more with the sound off.
    I prefer the second video because it actually shows more than 2% of the paintings, unlike the first video. I liked the shapes and contrast.

  4. I really liked the way he mixed a lot of colors together to form a beautiful abstract image. The music made it sound like some form of meditation but it also gave it a “harry potter” feeling. It inspires me to want to start mixing a whole bunch of colors together to make some of the things that he did. Watching his video also inspired me to automatically just do random squiggly lines everywhere for the project that we’re working on. Overall, they were great videos! 🙂

  5. i agree, the music was distracting and didn’t really work there. i personally like the pieces that were purely abstract, rather than the ones with a bunch of random little things grouped around the page. they seemed disconnected and uncertain. Klee seems to want to be as vague in shape as possible yet still make the people seeing it understand what it is.

  6. I liked Klee’s work; it’s unique. I liked that the shapes influenced the mood of the artwork. Despite his almost childish, outgoing technique, the calm, neutral colors he used seemed to distract from his pieces. Even so, like I said before, Klee uses shapes well. I noticed shapes that looked abstract at first, but, when looking closer, I saw that they looked a lot like people. As far as feelings and imagination go, I wasn’t so affected by his work. I think that if I was looking at his art in picture form, rather than in a moving slideshow, I might be able to gather more feelings from it.
    I don’t think the music really fit in either slideshow. The exciting music somehow contradicted Klee’s work. In the second slideshow, the music was too slow for the art, I think.

  7. I liked the way he uses shapes, space, and color to depict a mood. His works give off a certain feeling but can be interpreted in many different ways which is really cool. His art helped me notice new ways to use shapes, especially in the objective pieces, and he gave me inspiration for my pieces particularly through his use of color but also from the way he arranged his shapes and how they fit to together. I don’t really like the music in the first video, but the music in the second one is kind of relaxing. I don’t think the music effected the art much though.

  8. To me, it seems like colors were important to Paul Klee. He either chose colors that were very similar, or colors that were complete opposites that clashed with each other. Each painting seemed to show a different emotion or mood so my feelings were different for all of them. The music had a very different effect on each video. One seemed calming while the other hectic.

  9. It seems like the music made the pieces seem simple in one video, and complex in the other video. I like his use of shapes and colors.

  10. I felt that the music in the first video made his art seem more exciting and happy. In the second video the music made his art seem kind of sad and dramatic. His uses of colors and pattern is very inspirational.

  11. Like ian said the music mad me feel like the art was happy and exciting in the frist video, but more slow and sad in the second. It seems like paul used a lot of linear shapes to create two pictures: one that his lines created, and a second one the spaces between the lines created.

  12. The music definitely affected how I understood and interpreted the art. Though both videos have completely different types of music, one adventurous and the other depressing, I felt that both fit the subject matter and helped me see the paintings in a different perspective. I definitely liked the second video more, because the first didn’t show the entire painting and had an annoying zoom in/zoom out setting, which took away from his art. His art inspired me to think more about color and how it makes you feel, as well as line and how that can convey emotion.

  13. some of his painting are childishly simple but purposeful, and others are more like he was brainstorming on the paper.the music in the second one is nice because it is background music, but the first one had distracting music. i think that we can learn how to use colors as a texture, instead of a flashy cover to the drawing.
    ~Ramsey Kerr~

  14. I like Paul Klee’s art, especially the abstract paintings with no obvious subject matter. His color palette didn’t really appeal to me, but I can see the intent and importance of the colors. I also liked the use of shapes. But aspects of the videos kind of took away some of the enjoyment for me. The first video only showed small portions of the paintings, and the second used a really annoying transition.
    In general, I think that music can really influence how we perceive and interpret art. However, even though I liked the music in the first video better (it was much more interesting), it didn’t seem to fit the art at all.

  15. I rather like Klee’s artwork, however the music influenced my perception of his works. The music is very mysterious in the first video, whereas the second video is very dramatic and forceful. I did, however, really like how his artwork up to the interpretation of the viewer. Though his paintings are abstract, they feel purposeful. Some abstract artwork feels like feigned emotion, but I think that Klee expresses his own creativity in a way that makes the paintings open ended.

  16. Looking at his art it gave me a feeling of freedom and enjoyment. His work is simple yet beautiful and it gives me the feeling of unlimited possibilities. The music can dictate the mind set one can have while looking at these works so it takes away from that sense and hems you in. The subject matter itself in many of these paintings does not seem to be as important as the way objects flow and connect with each other. It is more about the way objects interact with each other rather than what they are on the surface that creates the overall feeling of the his art work.

  17. I’ve always been a fan of abstract art, so for me these videos were quite interesting to look at. I like to look at the color schemes and how they work together more than just focus on a specific subject, so I enjoyed Klee’s art more. I thought that even though they didn’t have any objects, the painting was somewhat more meaningful because it left a lot of creativity to me. I mean, it’s like reading a really obscure poem and finding out what it means to you.
    For me, the music was a little distracting, I mean, I feel like it didn’t really make sense with the artwork, but that could just be me. Overall, I was pretty impressed with Klee’s works.

  18. I kinda focused more on the music than the art. One thing I really noticed was that Klee used very simple shapes yet elaborate and complex colors. Seeing his art all i could think of was how he even thought of that. I suppose that relates back to what were doing now with out abstract art exercises. I also saw quite a bit of variety. He had some darker looking pieces, some bright cheerful looking ones and then even some objective ones.

  19. I feel the music in the video and color made his art have more feeling and represent emotion and also the shape and lines. I felt the music in the first video made his art seem exciting. In the second video the music made feel like sad and dramatic.

  20. I liked the second one so much better. like 1000 times better for two reasons.

    1. I liked most of the pieces in #2 better, just because.
    2. And It didnt have the stupid thing where the camera would zoom in and out and to the side and the corners. It was going all over the place and it was given me a headache.

    The grid ones i liked. I felt like i could just look at them for hours. they were psychologically soothing.

    Most of the other non grid ones did not tickle my fancy, especially the drab un-colorful ones, bleh
    Its not that i don’t like the art form, i just feel like if you’re gonna draw shapes, you need to make an arrangement that’s either exciting or soothing to the mind. Its got to make you react in a positive way and most of these didn’t do it for me.

    Also the non abstract stuff he did like the fish and watering can… well, it didn’t look very developed. Not good…
    liked the grids though

  21. I thought that the music played a big effect on how you viewed the art. The second video was more intriguing to me, while the first one was a lot more dramatic and made the art stand out in a different light. The first second felt more sad and emotional, and the first was more action packed and intense.

    I thought the music in the first one better suited the art, although it didn’t really match it as well as it could have. Also, the second video had a really irritating and distracting zoom which made the art really blurry and distracted from it.

    His use of color and patterns can be used on non-abstract art.

  22. The Art really stood out to me because of Klee’s expert use of color. The way he use analogous and complimentary colors in sync made certain parts really stand out from others.

  23. I watched the video on mute, but after I saw all the comments about the music, I listened to it… it didn’t fit at all. I really enjoyed his work, but I prefered the subjective pieces over the abstract ones. His use of color was very entertaining, and gave some of his works a more childish feel.

  24. Comment on the effect his paintings had on your senses, feelings, and imagination?

    I generally found that the forms that he had created had the effect of making me think more about how I can use the curvilinear and rectilinear shapes.

    What role did music play in supporting or counteracting the work in each video?

    For both of the videos, I found the music to counteract the work, bot support it. It was distracting.

    Even though many of his works have subject matter, what inspiration can you get from this for your non-objective abstractions that you are working on in-class?

    His works do use curvilinear and rectilinear shapes, so I can take from that.

  25. I did not feel like the music fit. It was constantly changing and did not seem to match the overall tone of the pieces. I enjoyed his use of simple shapes and how they came together. I also appreciated his use of color. I think the use of color can be helpful to what we do in class.

  26. The music in the video seemed to be trying to guide various feeling I might have about the art. But each piece should have a different affect, and switching through them didn’t really give me the chance to make any decisions about them individually. Although I did pick out certain types of pieces that I thought were really neat. The abstract black figures on parchment paper were really neat. I found that, the more I thought about each piece the more I found a certain depth that I could imagine, especially in the abstracts.

  27. What was really striking to me was Klee’s use of color. I wouldn’t group most of the colors together that he did, but it really worked. For me it was the colors more than the shapes that evoked an emotional response. For instance, the colors and their groupings in the piece at 1:12 in the second video are what I appreciated, rather than the use of rectangles.
    I didn’t really like the music, I thought it distracted from the pieces. After watching the videos in class, I viewed them without sound and found the second video better. It didn’t pan so you could view the whole piece rather that focusing in or expanding out.

  28. It seemed very abstract surfing the first video but in the second when we were able to see the entire peace it seemed more coherent to me. the music was different than i would have chosen, especially in the first video. I like how from a distance all of then kind of flow together.

  29. I think the music didn’t really have any effect on the artwork, and I really like his style work. It seems like though in some of them there is an objective, they still leave a lot of room for interpretation by the viewer. I really liked the warm collors and I thought that it was interesting how in some of the paintings the colors were flat yet he showed dimension, and in others, the colors had dimension but the overall image was flat. He also used a lot of sharp edged shapes and triangles that directed attention across the paintings

  30. Sorry about my late comment. Anyway Klee’s work has great visual texture to it I love how he used his utensils to create this textures. Also I liked the subject matter to all his work

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