Art 2/3 for 2/23 Crit


LL Cool J on Creativity

Check out what LL Cool J has to say about creativity (short 2-3 min clip).

Anselm Kiefer talks about being an artist

Listen to Kiefer’s short talk about being an artist. (1 min)

Richard Tuttle – reasons for art

Listen to Tuttle’s reasons for art. (1 min)

Will Rogan talks about the meaning of things

Listen to what Will Rogan says about finding meaning in the world around him. (1 min)

Reflect on the ideas expressed by these artists.  What ideas impress you most? Is there a common thread between them?  Are there meaningful differences?

When you comment, as in a live conversation, build upon and make a bridge to the ideas from the previous comment. Add you own point of view, inviting the next commentator to join the conversation.


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  1. I liked the ideas from Will Rogan, about how objects all have meaning and how he sees I guess a deeper meaning in little things or everyday things that happen. I like his interest in photography, and how what he likes to photograph is really original and unordinary.

  2. LL cool J asserted that America is still a country of creativity because it’s land for creativity. He talked about the example between technology and art; Steve Job couldn’t express his ideas without art. Richard Turtle treated art as an adventure, an exploration of your unknown world. Will Rogan, an observer of life, found the little things in life had deeper meaning. Their ideas all appealed to me, especially the one of Richard Turtle. I think people always try to soothe their own insecurity by following what society generally accepts. Sometimes it’s strange to find that we read the same books, dress in the similar clothes, and even like the TV shows. My education in China and the Norm taught me that I should respect authority (normality) rather than question them. When I find I had different answer than others, I will be anxious, wondering whether I am wrong. Even it was not easy to endure, insecurity was not a bad thing; it helps you to create the new world that you haven’t found. For me, the two gifts from American education are critical thinking and creativity. I appreciate it more every time when I think that it’s good to be different.

  3. I like the thoughtfulness in your comment. You have a wonderful perspective on learning and as you share the value of your educational experiences on both continents, it’s helps us to try to cultivate what is most enriching.

  4. the ideas brought by LL cool J are very similar to mine. this is either very sad or very interesting to me. but what he was saying about art in the schools is what really brought me on his side.i strongly believe art should be taught in schools to make kids express creativity, not force them though, but make it daily routine, i agree with what siying had to say about ll cool j as well. i never knew a hip hop star could be so thoughtful.

  5. As Rowen said, I also strongly believe that art should be taught in school. Art definitely helps kids to further understand themselves and be creative. Art allows people to express themselves through painting, or drawing, and sculpting. I don’t think kids should have to do art all throughout high school but I definitely think at least one year in high school is good for a kid’s growth. I especially think that art is great for kids in preschool through elementary school because sometimes kids need an outlet. I like JJ Cool J’s ideas because he discusses how people everyday use art. I really like Will Rogan’s ideas because he talks about how little things in everyday life have a deeper meaning, which I fully agree with.

  6. I thought this was reallly interesting. I thought it was cool how the first man was talking about getting away fro the world and ho art was the way he could do that. I feel lke sometimes I can relate to this in the sense that I almost use art as a coping mechanism sometimes…just scribbling on paper when im angry or doodling when im bored. it is a way to almost avoid or distract myself from my problems in a constructive way. I also took an ineterst to LL cool J’s comments much like rowen and sabrina. I thought it was very true how in today’s world art is an important thing that always sits along side scientific things even if there aren’t intertwined from first glance or whatever. The one thing i kind of dissagreed on was when he talked about america being the country where people are able to pursue these artistic dreams. I think that america is actually one of the places that is losing its connection with emotions and their ability to express them because we all so blindly follow the government and big corporations and stuff and are too scared to stand up and SHOW what we stand for in some form….whats more important…having a super structured society..or letting chaos rage a little bit and have art and expression occupy our society?

  7. I likw how they think a lot about something that others won’t notice usually.Life is what you think it is, if you put in passion and atitude in it, you will change your life. And we can also comprehense things from different aspects. That’s where inspiration comes from.

  8. I liked what Richard Tuttle said about treating art as an adventure. We shouldn’t have preconceptions about individual genres. We should always have an open mind when it comes to art. Don’t think that you already know what each type of art looks like.

  9. I agree with Rowen and Sabrina about art being taught in school. However, the person whose ideas appealed most to me was Will Rogan. Expressing big concepts through small, personal events or images is something I try to do in my work, not just in my art, but also in my writing. Often its more effective to be specific and give an example people can relate to than it is to be general.

  10. I agree with Elisabeth, I liked Richard Tuttle’s comments about seeing art as always evolving an adventure. Art always gets really boring if you don’t want to explore ideas and move forward and think about things. I don’t like to think of art as static, I like to think of it as moving and evolving. Thinking about art as an adventure is really important and a creative way to keep art evolving. I liked what he said about keeping art “savage” because I only really enjoy making my own art when it is coming from something and means something.
    But I also agree with Rose about Will Rogan, it’s really important to make little moments in your life mean bigger things.

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