Art 1 – Color! week 2/13-2/21/12


Spend at least 10 minutes doing this game (see link)…..try to perfect your matches and do all three levels.

Leave a comment about your experience.

You are learning about saturation and value by exercising your eyes….what better preparation for painting?!


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  1. I have discovered that I have a lot of trouble matching blue colors, but otherwise this was pretty easy. I’m so excited to paint!

  2. I got a 9.7. It said “perfect” even when I could pretty clearly see that what I chose wasn’t perfect. Perhaps it just has a different definition of “perfect.” ;P

    Also, I think I did better with yellow.

  3. The triad level was the hardest for me to try and match the colors. It was hardest to tell if the dark blue was the right shade when that was the color required. It was a fun and challenging website.

  4. I had fun playing this game! I learned how to play the game about half way though the first round so my first score wasn’t as accurate. Anyway, for the the hardest section was the Tetrad because you have so many colors you are looking at. By the end, I learned that if you focus on just one of the hues, you can match all four colors a little more easily. I’m looking forward to paint and work with different colors!! 🙂

  5. This game was really fun! The more colors you have to match, the harder it is. Triad was the hardest for me. Also, the duller the colors, the harder they are.

  6. The triad was the hardest for me and the hue was the easiest. I also found that the colors that were harder to match up when they were lighter. This website is really good for learning about colors!

  7. Its easy at first! But as soon as you get to complementary it gets really difficult to control both dots to land on the specific colors. Triad is pretty hard too. But the game is really fun and entertaining!

  8. Very cool game. Lately I have been having trouble understanding the concepts of triads and hues
    but after playing this game it made me smarter about the way I look and think about colors. It was very interesting.

  9. This game was fun. At first I found it really easy, but soon it got very challenging. I found the analog & triad levels to be the hardest. It’s interesting to see how each color corresponds to other colors.

  10. I liked this game a lot, it’s good practice and I felt like it got a little easier towards the end. I ended up getting a 7.6 but when I tried the Color-Blind Assist (for no real reason) I got a 7.3 which may or may not be a good thing…
    It was definitely a fun game though!

  11. I thought this was a neat game to train your eyes to understand how color works. I found that matching up green and blue colors was hard for me, as well as dull colors. The game definitely got harder towards the end, but I was still amazed that for the most part, matching up the colors was easy for me.

  12. For me the hardest one was the second which I believe was the saturation. I found the most helpful to be the complementary colors level because I realized you don’t only have to complement the hue but also have the same saturation. Overall, I found this to be a fun, helpful game.

  13. Once I figured the game out (complementary was confusing the first time) it wasn’t that difficult. It really does help to just focus on one color when you get to the triad and tetrad. It also helped me visualize saturation.

  14. When I first started this game I thought it was easy, but as it went on it got harder. I did my worst on the complimentary and analog. Luckily I did get better with practice. My problem was lining up which small circle was corresponding to which pie section of the center circle. Once i figured that out it wasn’t as difficult as in the beginning. This game helped me really see the color wheel as an animated object which I think helps me understand its progression!

  15. The game was not to difficult for me. Iv’e always loved color! So much more emotion than just black and grey’s. I’m excited to paint!

  16. Fun game. It appears pretty easy at first, but when I got into it, I realized it took a lot of mental concentration. The hardest for me was analog. Also, what is tetrad? I still didn’t really get good at that one. I’ve never heard of that before.

  17. I got 8.7 and I was doing really well until they started the whole triad/tetrad thing which was difficult to tell which circle was which. One thing I noticed was that during the triad/tetrad part you could make one color nearly perfect but have another color be way off (mostly in Saturation) which made the game slightly more difficult.

  18. its kinda fun. i don’t really feel like i got anything out of it though. Maybe subconsciously, i dont know, i wasnt concentrating on the relationships between the colors, i was just focused on the game. Interesting though

  19. I really enjoyed this game. At first I was confused with the third level but I eventually got the hang of it. I liked the second level, saturation, the best just because you had so much choice that finding the perfect hue was more difficult but more fun.

  20. Overall, I found this game to be quite festive; however, I also occasionally felt like it probably wasn’t helping me with actual art skills (at least, not to the degree of what we’ve been doing in class).

  21. The color wheel thing was really fun. it was an interesting to see how the saturation and color were both important to making a color. I felt like I was getting better at recognizing colors by the end. I kind of want to do it again and see if I can get a perfect score. My score this time was 8.8

  22. Its interesting to see what some of the colors make when they are combined. Some of the colors that it makes are just completely different.

  23. i got a 9.4 the only level that brought me down was the triad/tetrad level. it was a fun game, and really helps with using your eyes to match colors

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