Art 2 & 3 – First post of semester 2


Check out this blog artists inspire artists….artistsinspireartists

Wander through the site.  Make sure you see the drop down”inspiration” categories on the menu bar.

Consider starting a collection in your sketchbook this quarter of art images that inspire you from all kinds of sources: fashion, advertising, photography, fine-art, street art, drawing, etc.

What inspires you in this site?

How can a critique inspire you?

How can your art inspire others?

How can your  classmates’ art inspire you?


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  1. I was really impressed with Christine’s work in this site. it was, I guess, inspiring to see how she used the acrylic to make her paintings have so much texture and dimension. I suppose a critique could inspire me because, if it had mostly positive things, it would motivate me to keep working, and create new things. And even non-positive things would help me to know when something doesn’t work so I can change what I do next time. My art could inspire others because it’s unique, and I have different ideas than everyone else. Same with my classmates art; they have a different imagination than I do so I can get new ideas from them.

  2. from this site, the music inspires me. music blocks out everything and helps me relax. I know sometimes that when i need to clam down music helps. another thing would be the photographs, if i see a photo sometimes i get inspired by whats in the picture and i want to do my own variation on it or the picture helps me remember something that i want to draw.Critiques are supposed to address ones short comings as well as their greatest feats. i think if one receives a critique they should take it more along the lines of constructive criticism instead of a mean thing to say.i don’t really think of my art as the inspiring type, the only ones that i think might inspire people might be the drawing poses i do in my book or my happy works that look like i was high when i did it. my classmates art might have a pose i had never seen or and environment that makes me want to do my own take on it.

    • We definitely want constructive comments and nothing mean! Let’s think of it as analysis and interpretation…..then the artist can consider the comments and point of view and adjust the work if they see it that way too……the analysis has to be supported by the reading of the work….otherwise it is random, personal preferences, right?

  3. I think What inspires me most in this site is Christines work. I really like the movement of the tree and how the textures of the background almost pop off the page more than the tree which covers the majority of the page or canvas. the colors of the pastel leaves in relationship to the background texture and dark color was also very interesting to me. Critique can inspire me if it is in a way that opens up new ideas instead of just saying “its bad”. It is a way for me to learn to direct my personal taste into a more structured piece of work while it still maintains my “vibe” to speak. that is kind of confusing..but i don’t know how to explain it…haha My art can inspire others by taking them on a journey and being able to step out of that journey feel doesnt matter if its a bad feeling..just SOMETHING after looking it my art. My classmates art can inspire me in soo many ways. First of alll their individual styles seem to inspire me to try to approach brush strokes or pencil lines differently… also just looking at the way we all express ideas and emotions differently inspires me to try to learn about the people in the art class through their art.

  4. What inspires you in this site?
    I think they use irregular different geometry shapes like puzzles to put together as shape they want. And the different texture there, like the flowers, and the mosaic. (which remind me I used the mosaic to make art when I was little) And in the “flower” collage, I really like how the ground is formed. One cover the other, and then it goed on and on.
    How can a critique inspire you?
    About critque, I think everyone has an outline in their mind before they start to work on their art pieces, but sometimes your own ideas might stop you from getting new and better ideas. Also you are into the puzzle, so you can’t really see where the problem is. Others’ opinions might help you somtimes. (I remember when I went to the art studio thing, there’s an artist, who hangs out her incomplete artwork and ask everyone t comment. That’s a really clever idea.)
    How can your art inspire others?
    My artwork may not be good enough to inspire others but I think if other people see my spirit in the art work, like they can read my mind through my artwork, they must have same experience with me in their lives or same personality.
    How can your classmates’ art inspire you?
    For example, the last bearden piece, after I saw others’ work, I found I have some misunderstanding about his style, and a different aspect of how his style could be.

  5. Looking in the “Inspiration” menu-thing, there was this video I watched in the “Film” section called The Carpenter and that was just amazing; hah, I feel like I could just watch it all day. Another one I watched was A Short Love Story in Stop-Motion which was also really good. Watching videos and looking at pictures like that with so many details and, just, every little thing in focus blows my mind, for lack of a better… phrase.
    Critique, I don’t think inspires me but makes me want to do better; it seems more of a motivator.
    Since my art is inspired by other people’s art and things I see and feel, I guess aspects of my art could inspire other people because of mutual things we experience or feel? I don’t really know.
    I think my classmate’s art is very inspiring because you’re right there when they’re doing it and you get to witness firsthand how they interpret certain projects. When you see the end product, you don’t just see what it came out as but also it’s process and everything that’s changed or been added to it.

    • That’s the cool thing about being in class – it’s almost as if you are sharing in the creative process of all your classmates. Everyone grows so much more than if they were working independently.

    • I agree with you Avalon…on ever thing you wrote. I especially agree with your statement about the inspiration brought to you by watching the artistic process of our classmates. I find it amazing that all of us are given the same assignment but we all have end products that look nothing alike. People interpret things differently and this is just yet another example of that fact. Watching the process people go through as well as hearing them talk about their ideas for a certain piece really inspires me. It forces me to form different interpretations along with my initial one. From all of these interpretations, I can pick one, or even choose several ideas and create an art piece.

  6. I’m inspired by the street painting by Eduardo Relero, I love the idea of art as open and visible in a community, and the illustrations are also just very well crafted and look 3D. The illustrated cups by Cheeming Boey are also incredible, really great way to make art from recycled objects.
    I think it’s really important to work with other people, or at least near them. When I work at home or during the summer, I find myself missing even the presence of other people working around me. I think even if it’s not asking what they think about a piece, having people creates a critical environment. It makes you able to look at your work outside a bubble of your own mind.
    I think my own art could be inspirational if it brings out actual emotions or ideas. I think art is a great medium for expressing opinions, and so using it to communicate could be really beneficial.
    Other people and classmate’s work can be inspiring because everyone has such different methods, even if you are following some sort of guideline. Most people create their art very differently–be it working on details immediately, starting with sketching out the whole thing, or making it up as they go. Watching people create things with different methods can be inspiring.

    • Great ideas on the importance of studio culture. It’s such a joy for us to see student get excited by and inspired by one another’s pieces and then to try something they wouldn’t have done without that influence.

  7. I love the paintings by Christine Krainock. She brings her art to life not only with her extraordinary use of texture but also with her vibrant colors. The reds she uses, in particular, are beautiful.

    Critiques inspire me in that they make me want to improve. If, for example, someone were to tell me that, I don’t know, one of my paintings had too much empty white space, I would feel as though I had to go back and fill it with color.

    I don’t really know if my art inspires others at all. I try to tell stories in my pieces. I know stories always inspire me. Perhaps they could inspire someone else as well.

    My classmates’ art inspires me in the same way that critiques do. I look at my work and I think, “meh,” but then I look at their work and it’s absolutely amazing, so I feel like I have to go back and improve my own work.

  8. I love all the pieces on this site! I think they are beautiful and very creative. It seems like the artists use many aspects from their lives to create their art. For example, there is a Jimi Hendrix mosaic piece that is basically made from guitar picks. I think the artist, Ed Chapman, obviously liked Jimi Hendrix and had an interest in music as well.
    Just by looking at this site I can get new inspiration for my artwork. Using different types of materials and themes in my own creative way, I can use some of the ideas of these awesome artists. Sometimes I do the same with my classmates. Obviously I don’t copy or steal their ideas, but I do incorporate bits and pieces into my work sometimes.
    I think this critique is nice because it allows for everyone in all classes to converse 🙂

  9. I was amazed by these creative art work. They got nutrition form life and others’ work and and found their own voice.Picasso had a saying. He said, ‘Good artists copy, great artists steal.’ Christine’s oil and texture painting was a good example. It’s not unusual to see the conventional oil painting and quilt work. But Christine combined oil painting and texture together, giving her art work a wonderful 3D dimension. Other artist, Ed Chapman and Jimi Hendrix were inspired by music and street culture. Sometimes i think artists were musicians and poets and artists and zoologists and historians. People often say music is a common language for all people, that it applied to art too. I think artwork is the music of their minds, and the dace of souls. Some people might see one’s artwork just ordinary, but others might see it very inspirational and feel their heart vibrating. I don’t know how my art work can inspire others. But i hope some people can find some empathy on my artwork just as i find the transcendental power of Miller and Monet…As my classmate’s art work, again, I hope i can learn the great ideas(technique) from them.

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