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What does this new technology indicate about the future of photography ? How will role of the photographer as an artist and the role of the viewer change? Will it change the experience of shooting pictures? the meaning of taking pictures? the manner of viewing pictures?



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  1. This is a really interesting technology, and it potentially has the power to completely change the way we view photography. Currently, professional digital photographers receive notary for their ability to carefully edit the composition of a scene, balancing light, dark, focus, and blurry, all while in the field. However, this new technology makes it possible to change focus after the image has already been captured, meaning nearly anyone, with very little training, can produce incredible, well thought out photographs, because they have the ability to take as long as they want to change the focus of the image, without fear that the subject will move. It will be really interesting to see how this plays out.

  2. I think this teleology is amazing and it is surprising how good these pictures are. It is just the next step in the simplification of photography. Now people who know nothing about focus or aperture can take beautiful pictures that 50 years ago would have taken training and hours of work. I guess this is the way things are going people can know nothing about the science behind the object they are using yet still get great results.

  3. This new technology is truly amazing in demonstrating how far we’ve come in the technological field in the past century. The cameras have gotten smaller, the technology for photo editing has become exponentially more impressive, and digital cameras have usurped the power of film photography. With each year, technological specialists focus on how to making cameras easier for the average person to use and operate while still preserving optimal quality. However, this is particularly striking with the perspective of a true photographer, who finds artistic quality in the way an object or idea is presented through a well balanced photograph. With the new Lytro camera and other cameras arising to make photography a profitable market available to virtually anyone, the artistic form is clearly dying. If they don’t already, people will lose appreciation for a well composed photograph and lack interest in photography as an art altogether. Somewhat bittersweet, it will be interesting to see products with this technology alter the way we think of photography and those we call “photographers.”

  4. I just attended the SPE conference and was inspired by many professional photographers and photo educators – the artistic form is clearly not dying and the Monterey Bay Area is a real center for photography! It’s just getting more complex and multilayered in the opportunities. And many are still dedicated to the tradition of film photography. I think you would like the work of Ken Light and Kim Weston.

  5. It’s amazing what technological advances are occurring in the digital world. Though this new development may revolutionize how images are taken for scientific purposes, such as 3D imaging of locations or materials that cannot be visited or seen firsthand, I think this will only present another option to pursue in the field of photography. Since photography is far from an exact science, I do not think that a new camera will take the art world by storm just because it might have a more exacting focus. With the technology still in its infancy it will be interesting to see how it develops as an art form.

  6. These cameras are absolutely amazing! They could create a whole new facet of photography, and I can’t wait to see how it develops

  7. I think that while the camera is definitely cool, the article also points out that it is not capable of producing quality prints. Obviously that will need some work before this camera can really be called a legitimate and quality camera. But, the idea itself is really interesting that I think might spell the creation of a new genre of photography. If one was able to manipulate the raw image before it was focused or had the light managed and stuff, one could very easily create a photo that would lie in the realm of abstract art. I think that’s pretty cool. Plus, abstract photography with an image that wasn’t cg or Photoshop manipulated seems more sincere than a lot of the “abstract” images out there.

  8. I think that this will significantly change the amount of skill required to take photographs immensely. If these cameras become the standard, then photography will become solely about the subject matter and less about the process of taking the picture. The cameras we use today encourage putting thought into the final product before the picture is taken, whereas if you eliminate that time by not having focus be an issue, then the overall quality of the picture decreases.

  9. That is definitely very cool, you could take your picture and worry about focusing later. You would have to be careful not to focus on only parts of the background and the foreground at the same time. This is more interesting to casual photographers and photographers taking pictures of fast moving people and or objects because if it is a picture like a landscape you would want to focus it beforehand.

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