Art 2,3,5 – Checker Illusion


Look at the following site (and all subordinate links at bottom of page) and post a comment about your powers of observation.  How have they have changed or been tested in making art or in your day to day experience?



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  1. Okay, the squares look like completely different colors to me, even with the strips on the sides to prove they are the same color. I tried to look at it different ways but I don’t know, it was confusing… Our eyes obviously don’t see everything and miss a lot so I guess seeing things like this make me second guess myself and exactly what i’m looking at; it can make you look harder, I guess.
    (I’m a little unsure what to write…?)

  2. Same here…. Even with the stripes they look different to me. I agree about second-guessing. That’s definitely the effect it had on me. I think this has encouraged me to look deeper into others’ artwork and my own.

  3. I checked it on Paint, and the squares are definitely the same color. Wow. That’s interesting. I guess this is the sort of thing we’re supposed to notice as artists. The ways in which shadows and contrast affect perception. Well, this has shown me that I still have a lot to learn about observation.

    • Great – you checked it! And the interesting thing about tonal scale and value is how it changes with the available light. To top it off then there’s the effect of color. I love seeing how students’ faces take on the color of their painting when they are looking down on it and the skylight reflects the color up to their face!

  4. The reason why there’s so much difference when you put it at the different place is because of the contrast, and the way your eyes work. I’ve seen is like make your eyes remember the pattern and repeat it, and it imitates the vision people will see after taking drugs. It also tells us, contrast can make differences.
    (And also, I found this video, it records an asian man doing his paintig in 7 minutes and selling them. He’s great.)

    • Wow – Evan thanks for sharing these cool sites. The strobe site is a great extension of the checker illusion. And the Chinese painter is amazing – what skill. We need some street artists like that here!

  5. As it has been said, “Your eyes deceive you.” This little art experiment really does a great job of proving that quote. I agree with what both Avalon and Elisabeth said about the two squares. Although the two stripes made the colors look the same, I still do not understand how that was made possible.
    Is the way our eyes view the world the truth? Or is everything we see just what we want to see? This is probably why different people perceive artwork differently and interpret each work different from the next person.

    • It really makes you look closely doesn’t it? And you are right, perception is subjective to a degree….there’s always a range of interpretation….but we can all agree that the grey is not black or white!

  6. when i saw the illusion i had a feeling that thouse two were the same colour but my eyes was telling me the opposite. its weird how your mind knows whats right but your eyes don’t. Everyday though my observation skills get better and better.

    • Interesting your mind was telling you what your eyes weren’t seeing. It’s fun to consider how often we see what we expect to and how often we are led to think something because of what our eyes tell us, incorrectly…..

  7. The way that the artisctic eye views the world will always change depending on both the artist and the times and is completely subjective. That is why there are several genres and artistic styles. Evolution of the arts and several subgenres.

  8. I think the squares have the shape but different colors. There are a chinese proverb, “the things you see with your eyes are true, the things you hear from others can be doubted.” Obviously, it doesn’t apply to this case. Once in a scientific exhibition, i saw a picture including a lot of circles. When you stand in front of the picture for a long time, you can see the circle moving in different speeds. But it cannot be true, because the picture has no motion. The only conclusion is that i see the illusion!

  9. I agree with what everyone has been saying on this page. Yes, your eyes do deceive you. It’s been shown to us countless times at “Wrigley’s Believe it or Not” or just in a classroom for that matter. There are many types of illusions that are created to confuse the eye. I would not have guessed at first glance that those two cubes were the same. It’s crazy how different they look, but when they are compared with the strips, it is clear they are similar. Maybe it is the shapes or the shadow, but this image is very confusing to the eye. Some of my favorite types of art are eye illusions.

  10. It makes me not trust my eyesight when I see things like this. This makes me wonder what other kinds of things in every day life my eyes distort so that I see them differently. It’s rather unsettling to me.

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