Advanced Photo – New issues – November


Post a comment on each of the following articles.

Share what you find interesting about the photographers and photographs, photographic interpretation, photo history, and its relevance to your work.

1. capturing-the-unseen-side-of-bangladesh

2. at-75-life-revisits-its-first-cover-story 3.

3. litter-soup-anyone


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  1. What strikes me most about these three groups of photos is the shear versatility of the art. How images can go from commenting on pollution to creating mass political understanding of a nation to simply documenting the lives of ordinary people. All of these examples show how photographers are working towards creating change by educating the public through what they see. In connection to my work, it is another reminder to look beyond the lens to what overall impression the topic involves.
    I could not figure out how to leave a comment at the sites so here is what I would have said if I could have.
    1. It is daring for a photographer to deviate from society’s image of a culture, the stunning results can be seen here. Can anyone tell if image #6 is taken with infrared film?
    2. It is amazing to see the photographs that were displayed in Life, but I wonder if audiences get a more nuanced view of a subject if they get their images through competing sources.
    3. Another example of photographers trying to make a difference.

    • I think we should shoot some infrared film and then we could know for sure! I like your point about the different nuances from different sources (that’s why photo editors are so important.) There are many different perspectives although some magazines like Life and Look were competing for the same market. Now we have websites competing.

  2. I thought these sites did a great job in explaining just how much impact a photograph can have, after all, a picture’s worth a thousands words. The photographs from Bangladesh were absolutely breathtaking. It gave a snapshot into their entire culture with just 13 images, each complementing the last. The Life photos gave a brief history of the entire world–covering concepts, events, and pop culture, and all beautifully. The Litter ones I really didn’t get, though.

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