Art 3 & 4 – 1000 Journals project


Look at the 1000 Journals Project, consider the project, the media used, and the ideas expressed.



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  1. ok so i really like the idea of some random dude finding this in a coffee shop, drawing in it and then just leaving it wherever. It like spreading the art. And the best part is that you don’t even have to be really good at art. You can write, put collages in it, poems, anything really, and just pass it on to some person.Whatever is put in the book will be considered art, that’s what i enjoy about this project. my favorite image would probably be journal 885 image 14. It was really nice and there wasn’t to much crap going on so it looked calming to my eyes.

  2. i found the journals to be very inspiring. I really liked seeing what people found important. I also really liked all of the quotes that people took the time to add. My favorite one is found in journal 988 image 36. It says “For doors will open for you when you learn to let go”. This quote really applies to me and my life. I found it very moving and inspirational to be able to take a look inside someone else’s life.

  3. I really like the idea of having a notebook that can be passed around. Communication through art can be something really touching. However, for me journaling is a very private experience where I can share my personal thoughts without being judged. It’s about communicating with myself. I like the collaging and the ideas but I feel that most of the ones I saw were not as honed or refined as the journals that were sent in for the journal project you and Acacia participated in. I can see that many of these people used this journal as their chance to connect with art when they may have not done so otherwise. A lot of personal ideologies were passed also like “no gods no masters, anarchy not chaos” on the third image. I feel like people used this journal to express more than their creative abilities which I can see being the point, but kind of overclouds the other more personal insights others left.

  4. The journal entry that I saw that moved me the most was in journal 526, image #20. It is much more oriented around the literary arts, however it was very artistically worded. It was a description of what this person felt like on 9/11 and what they thought as they watched the towers burning. The author painted a picture, but he/she did it with words and not paints.

  5. I really like the concept of using a collage to express one self as we are all pieced together from the experiences of our lives. This way the medium is really able to explore the individual.

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