Art 2 – Sabrina Ward Harrison and 1000 Journals


Look at the work of Sabrina Ward Harrison and the way she expresses feelings and ideas through word, image, color, and collage


Look at the 1000 Journals Project, consider the project, the media used, and the ideas expressed.



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  1. Well…all the stuff in the book are kind of random and amazing…especially I like random thing…go to random place, draw something radomly, write some random quote and leave those at some random place…it’s such an awesome thing i want to try but still don’s have any chance. Through all of the things, you can feel how are they like,and feel every single emotion they express at a certain point. It’s a way to record how a person live their life.

  2. I really loved the books. The whole idea of it is awesome, leaving it for someone else to find. I really liked journal #526, images 66 and 67. The colorful drawings of the people are really beautiful and appeal to me for some reason. I also really like Sabrina Ward Harrison’s painting “Elise Spring.” It’s beautiful and peaceful.

  3. Yes, the journals are amazing. People from different places, different cultures, people not connected to one another in any way, just coming together to create something beautiful. What a lovely sentiment. My favorite journal is probably number 885. It feels cohesive in a way that some of the others didn’t. Besides, I love page 21.

  4. The idea of 1000 journal is impressive; people traveled to different places and left their words and drawings which can express their personal feelings during the trip. When i went through the journals; i notice how different in ways people create their journal; some likes to use color, some likes to draw abstract symbols, and some likes to work with details. Definitely,travelling is one of the greatest inspriations of art creativity .

  5. I also really like the idea of the 1000 journals. That could actually be really fun, especially if you got the journal back. It’s a good way for people to be able to express themselves in any way they want, and show people the things that interest them. I liked number 35 in journal 987 and all the cell comics, those were cute. I also enjoyed the pages where people just painted or drew something, or pasted pages form magazines and wrote quotes. But, I especially liked number 20 in journal 967 because it was created on my birthday, October 7th. And it was in 2003 so I had just turned 4 I think…I thought that was pretty cool. Anyway, I really like how creative every single page of the journals are and I really want to do something like that sometime.

  6. I thought that the idea for 1000 journals was really good. It allows people to express themselves freely without feeling embarrassed or anything else. I think this idea also sounds really fun. These journals travel around the entire world and I think it is really interesting to look through some of these collages and see how people express themselves. Journal 885 was my favorite because I thought it was a good mix of simplicity and complexity.

  7. What an amazing and creative idea. It is a wonderful way to get in touch with what is happening in the world around you and to see how different people express themselves. I think it would be interesting to do this with our Kirby community, assuming everyone participates.
    I have a hard time choosing my favorite journal, because each one is amazing in their own unique way.

    My opinion of collages has changed when I saw Sabrina’s work. I have always thought that making a collage was a very easy and simple thing to do, and although it sometimes can, it is more difficult than I thought. It takes skill and creativity to know how to structure each collage. She truly knows what she is doing because she makes it all seem so simple.

  8. (Who comes up with ideas like this?) I thought that this 1000 journals project is really cool. I especially love the pages with photos of people on them, all the people on them look like they should live in Santa Cruz 🙂 i think that this way, you can see all the differences as well as all then similarities between people and their art; its quirky and creative, although I have no idea what I would put in it if I got one. I mean, what would you put into a journal, seen by everyone, to represent you? I have no idea….

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