Art 2&3 – Nurturing creativity through discipline….



What helps you to be creative?




Where do you look for inspiration?

Where do you find it?


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  1. When I’m looking for inspiration and creativity, I stare out my bedroom window at the eucalyptus trees, neighbor’s houses, a walnut tree, and the sky is always either a beautiful blue or a gorgeous fog that covers slightly the trees. I can’t tell you how many hours I have spent staring out my window (hence, the elaborate description!).

  2. Creativity is very neccessary for art. I always listen to some music which can make me have a Bainstorm easier and think out of the box. Because my emotion will change when the main key of a music piece, and my thought will be like flowing anywhere radomly and it will combine some thing we think has no any link to each other in our daily life. And my creative time is like midnight. Beacuse the timepoint is not quite a working period, so it makes everything easier to flow. Actually parks,playground and forests are good place for me to create an art thought rather than anywhere else.

  3. Music helps me to be creative and give me inspiration for my art when I am up drawing late at night out on my roof. I prefer to draw with graphite penciles or sharpie. I look for inspiration in music and other art and find it if I’m lucky!

  4. Everything helps me be creative. anything you see could instantly give you an idea. Discipline and creativity may not seem to go together but they are somewhat necessary to producing very beatiful pieces of artwork. like Xin Er i also enjoy listening to music while i work, sometimes it gives me an idea. But i also read a lot of manga or comics to get certain poses down, that may sound weird but if I’m working on a fight scene and i don’t have the right postures than i start reading. I don’t have a time of being creative, it really depends but usually i draw late into the night when its nice and quiet and there’s no one around to bother me.

  5. i look for creativity in the everyday world. when i see a huge ugly plain building of concrete i try to think of what the creativity was behind it, was there any? sometimes it can be in the stairs to the door, or the new wiring in the building. creativity can be the littlest of biggest things.

  6. There are many things which help me to be creative. Usually I find inspiration just in everyday life. When conversing with friends, teachers, and family, I develop new ideas. Another thing I do to help gain creativity is listening to music. Listening to music really helps to free my mind of stress and allows me to think clearly. Sometimes when I am drawing, I like to look through pictures in photo magazines for inspiration.

  7. I find my creativity in stories. When I can’t think what to draw (or write, for that matter), I just read a book, watch a movie, even look up a comic or two. Seeing the creativity of others inspires me, makes me say, “I can do this.” And then I do.

  8. There isn’t really one thing that inspires my creativity. I am usually insipred at the most random times by the most random things. It just kind of hits me all of the sudden and i know exactly what I want to do.

  9. Lots of things help me be creative. Like mostly everyone else, music always gets my mind wandering. Also people inspire me, like with my photography. When I need inspiration, I like to make my parents drive me somewhere I usually don’t go, somewhere outdoors, because seeing different and unfamiliar things that catches your interest is a good way to get inspiration. I also take pictures and then do something creative based on the pictures I took, like a collage, or a drawing. Basically, almost anything interesting will inspire me!

  10. I look for inspiration in uncommon places such as weathered roads. The cracks of roads can give you many images. I like looking at my surroundings as if I were going to take a picture. From there, I like to use colors and textures that would not be associated with that particular scene. The overlooked scene or object is then seen in a different light.

  11. I think the creativity comes from the observation of life. Beauty is everywhere, but not all people have the eyes of catching the beauty. Nature is my inspring stream. A old tree, a song from blue birds, the sunset, or a lonely well can make me wonder about the impression of beauty, and this impression of beauty will flow on my work. Another thing i found my creativity is my culture.The mysterious orient is always my nutrition…

  12. I usually enter my studio like it is the best ‘job’ I’ve ever had with the intent to develop whatever I have been working on. It is not always easy to re-engage with work I have in progress that hasn’t been touched for a period of time…easy to forget the initial ‘plan’ but I usually leave notes on a paper attached to the back regarding my concept or the next possible step(s). Even then, I may feel confused. At that point, I start looking at my stack of work where I wasn’t able to get to a finished state or just got stuck. I always find something that catches my “what if” eye and I’m able to start my studio day by working on that piece or by starting an entirely new one. This is one approach.
    I keep an idea journal by my bed because I often wake with images, ideas, or pieces of dreams. I like to have note paper, pen/pencil, and camera phone with me when I’m out and about for writing an idea, sketching an image, taking a photo…life and experiences are full of potentially creative ideas or themes for subject matter. I take photos of textures, shadows, times of day, places, objects, people: all are potentials for creative expressions regardless of style eventually used. Lately I have been sending camera photos to my email with text info about reasons for the image. I love this “new” process. Inspiration is everywhere and not my ‘problem’; finding studio time is the issue.

    • That is the biggest challenge for me too – how to maintain inspiration despite interruptions. It is my visual journal which reignites my imagination…..even though I sometimes take notes, I usually never reread them!

  13. I know it’s a little weird, but I love going people-watching; looking for people’s emotions and their reactions inspires me, I think. Like in other comments mentioned above, I find creativity in everyday life. Walking, biking, and seeing my friends inspires me because it’s something familiar and personal to me. Watching movies with really beautiful cinematography and laying on my bedroom floor listening to music is when I think most about art…

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