Adv photo – journal #1



Read the article about photographer William Carter and his work. (Try to ignore the obnoxious ads; you may try to convert to ready-to-print version to read it.)

Post a comment on blog -List  3 most interesting facts/ideas from the article. List 1 thing you will apply to your own process as a photographer.


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  1. 3 most interesting facts/ideas
    That he has no real subject
    He likes Henri Cartier Bresson!
    His way of invoking the trust of those he photographs
    One thing I’ll aply
    The photojournalistic quality
    The mix of color and black and white

  2. Three interesting ideas.
    1. That he chose to photograph in arias that were so different from the surroundings that he grew up in.
    2. That he approached his subject matter without any preconceived ideas or agendas about what he wanted to capture.
    3. That he achieved his best work simply by gaining the trust of his subjects.
    One thing I will apply is to be more aware that what I think a subject represents, may not be its most accurate interpretation.

    • That openness to discovery, approaching your subject without an agenda is a good way to see with a fresh eye and discover something completely unexpected! And what a great comment to “be more aware of what a subject represents”….opening the door and inviting interpretation.

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