Art 1-4 – let’s get started



This is in our community – has anyone seen it?  How would you feel with your face on the wall of a building? Do you want to do it on our building?

What is art? What is “good” art?

Here’s a thought provoking study….’t-paint-that-–-can-people-tell-abstract-art-from-a-child’s-or-chimp’s-work/


Do you think you could tell the difference?


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  1. Very interesting video on “What is Art”
    To answer the line question, I think that each person may draw a line between what is art and what is not, but that line will be different for each person.

  2. I would not like my face on the side of a building, but maybe if I were a professional model I would feel differently. Models have their faces on giant billboards in times square, almost as large as that building. They strive for that. I would like to paint of the side of building, but maybe someone else’s face. In response to what is art I cannot answer that question in two lines. When you show the urinal it reminds me of Marcel Duchamp’s fountain, which was at the time regarded as cruel, but is now considered a leap towards modern art. While I may not personally find it appealing, I can recognize it’s affect on the modern art movement.

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